5 Reasons to Change Your Door Locks Now
5 Reasons to Change Your Door Locks Now
The right lock by locksmith san diego can improve accessibility, increase security, determine would-be criminals, and provide peace of mind. Read more in our new blog.

You may think that an alone key can protect all your assets, but the truth is that there are certain locks specifically designed to keep out unwanted guests and protect your belongings and not just from being stolen. Some of these locks come in different sizes and shapes and have special features that appeal to you. This post gives you the low-down on the different options you have when looking for an extra level of defense.


But there are instances when you will have to replace your lock. There are many reasons why someone would need to replace their locks, with the most common reasons being due to a faulty lock or simply because you want a new look! But faulty locks aren't the only reason that conditions may require upgrading your home's protection. Even if your lock is in good shape and doesn't require replacement at this present time, other factors require that you upgrade and get the best out of your security system.


You Moved To a New Home


As first-time home buyers, we understand the experience of moving into a new place. If you're unaware of this, locks can also be copied by people who do not have a key for your property. One example of this is the previous homeowner having a copy that they can use to sneak back into their old property and case it for sale - which means that the lock was never actually replaced! After you move into your new home, the best thing to do is get a lock replacement. If anyone tries to enter without permission, they won't find it so easy!


You Lost Your Keys


​Losing your keys is never simple. Whether you lost your keys to your house, office, or even a safe, they will find their way into the wrong hands sooner or later. But wait - don't start googling a certain locksmith san diego just yet! Locks can always be replaced with new ones and if you're feeling particularly creative, always customize them to reflect an inside joke or anything else that makes you feel good about yourself!


There Was a Recent Break-In


One of the top reasons that you need to get your locks changed as soon as possible is because of intruders. It doesn't matter if they broke in without using the main key you had hidden under your mat - what matters is they might want to come back again! Other burglars might decide to break in, too, and there's nothing worse than having them find out where you keep your second set of keys. So please don't wait for them to make a copy of it! Whether or not that burglar could get through the door or lose interest in a different part of your home, you must ensure your safety from future intruders by getting the locks fixed immediately after any break-in.


Someone Moved Out


When selling or renting property, it's important to change the locks to keep tenants from having access after they move out. If you don't change the locks immediately and a new tenant moves in, that new tenant will have all the same keys and could easily have family over who also obtain and use keys to get inside. Also, keep in mind that some tenants are willing to pass out their old keys even after moving on!


Divorce or Break Up


Sometimes divorce or break-ups can end on aggressive terms, so it's important to replace the locks in your home to stay safe. Even if the relationship ended amicably, there's still a risk that your ex might think they can barge into your home whenever they want - even if they're collecting their things. That's why it's always good to draw a thick boundary line before anything happens by replacing an old lock with a new one, which makes it clear that you need permission from an owner before entering their space. In this case, replace your locks so as not to fall victim to any emotional or physical abuse!


Closing Thoughts


Is it time for a change? Locks can be damaged in many ways and need to be replaced from time to time. If you have any of the above problems or are looking for an improvement to your home, give us a call today! We have locks for homes, car locksmith san diego, emergency locksmith san diego, and businesses that will make your life easier.


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