Farmtrac Tractor 60 Price in India and Its Specification
If you are searching for a tractor at an affordable price then we suggest you check the Farmtrac Tractor 60 price. It is known as the productive tractor and its maintenance cost is low. It comes with new top features and provides the best performance in the field. for more information about the tractor price visit our site TractorFirst.

Farmtrac Tractor 60 Price In India With Key Features


Farmtrac Tractor is one of the powerful tractors which is very famous among Indian farmers for its price and performance ratio. Moreover, This tractor delivers exceptional performance and economical mileage in the field. Farmtrac tractor easily handles all the farming equipment like cultivator, harvester, thresher, haul, and planter. Moreover, the Farmtrac tractor is affordable in the Indian market of vehicles; that’s why the farmers can easily buy it.


It has a remarkable position in the Indian market of the tractor due to its excellent mileage and efficient fuel efficiency. Moreover, the Farmtrac tractor 60 price is pocket friendly so the customers can easily buy it. Many farmers and business owners are wholly dependent on this tractor for their highly profitable farming business. The manufacturer continuously upgrades the Farmtrac tractor, so it has a respected fan base in the Indian market of tractors.

Facts Of The Farmtrac Tractor 60 

  • You can get 50 HP powered with a 3 cylinder engine in this model. The engine of this tractor can easily generate highly 2200 engine-rated rpm, which is adequate for many applications.

  • It has multi-disk oil-immersed brakes that provide effective grip and prevent slippage in farm operations. 

  • The fuel tank volume of this tractor is 50 Litre that provides profitable working hours in the jobs. 

  • It has a fully constant mesh, mechanical type single/dual (optional) clutch, and 8 Forward + 2 Reverse gearbox that delivers smooth transmission.

  • The Farmtrac Tractor 60 price range is between 6.70 Lakh* - Rs. 7.10 Lakh*

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