Understanding the Concept of Elevator Bolts
Understanding the Concept of Elevator Bolts
DIC Fasteners is an Elevator Bolts Supplier and Exporter. We also specialize in providing other various types of fasteners. We offer Elevator Bolts in different sizes, standards, and materials. These Bolts are threaded fasteners that come with a thin body and round head. These types of bolts may have either a square or ribbed neck to stop bolts from turning when a nut is getting tightened.

Elevator bolts present a circular head, which is large when compared to the rod. These bolts have got their name from being used in grain elevators and conveyor systems. These bolts come with a large diameter of the head and a square neck that creates a great bearing surface that keeps the head from puncturing the soft conveyor belts. Elevator Bolts are also often referred to as bucket bolts or elevator bucket bolts that are commonly used with hex nuts or nylock nuts along with washer sets. These bolts consist of a wide, countersunk flat head, square neck, and unified thread pitch.

         The most common uses of Elevator bolts are used in industrial or agricultural belting systems and conveyor systems. The structure of elevator bolts provides a better griping and it stops from stretching through the material. In case of pressure, the flat head of this bolt will cover a wider surface and displace the pressure on the surface evenly.

Features of Elevator Bolts:

* These bolts have a big flat head to match the elevator during installation.

* These bolts have high tensile strength and yield strength.

* These bolts are easy and convenient to install.


* These bolts have a high rust-resistant performance to apply in extreme environments.