The Best Ways to Choose Shop Display Shelves For Your Shop
The Best Ways to Choose Shop Display Shelves For Your Shop
How can businesses choose cost-effective supermarket display shelves and match appropriate shop display shelves according to stores' needs? Today, with professional shelf production experience, Heda Shelf summarizes the following key points for supermarket display shelves selection.

There are many kinds of supermarket display shelves. The supermarket display shelves launched by shelf manufacturers seem to be the same, but there are many details worthy of deliberation and comparison. How can businesses choose cost-effective supermarket display shelves and match appropriate shop display shelves according to stores needs? Today, with professional shelf production experience, Heda Shelf summarizes the following key points for supermarket display shelves selection.



1 Material of Retail Store Display Shelves

The common display shelves in supermarkets include steel store display shelves, and wooden and metal shelves.

1.1 Metal Shop Shelves

Good loading capacity and stable structure make them not easy to deform and own the highest cost-performance ratio among all types of store display shelves.

1.2 Metal And Wooden Shelves

The back panel and side cover made of high-density environmental protection wood make the goods on steel and wooden shelves more high-grade. It is strongly recommended to supermarkets that need to highlight the high-end image.

1.3 Acrylic

Acrylic has a texture and beauty similar to glass, but its weight is as light as plastic, as well as solid and durable. It is often used as accessories, such as price tags, product dividers, the layers of shelves for cosmetics, etc.

2 Appearance

The selection of shop display shelves depends on the design of supermarkets.

2.1 Part Selection

Wire mesh supermarket shelves can expand the store space visually; wooden backboards of shop display shelves give the supermarket a sense of high fashion.

2.2 Color

Steel supermarket shelves are commonly used in three colors: gray, white, and brown; the wood of the side panels and back panels of the metal and wooden shop display shelves also have different shades. Dark-colored supermarket display shelves are more modern, highlighting the fashion style of the store; light-colored supermarket display shelves are concise, making the store fresher and bright.

2.3 Accessories

Fruit and veg display stands and bread shelves can be set with woven baskets; shop shelves displaying tiny items can use shelf pushers or product dividers; the bread shelf can add a LED light bar that the warm light will make the bread more attractive; gondola shelves and a one-side shop display shelves can use price strips and ad boards to attract customers attention.


3 Quality

Do not just pay attention to the price, the high-quality supermarket display shelves save your worry and money.

3.1 Craft

The surface of high-quality supermarket display shelves is painted flat without bubbles and dull defects., and the textured appearance can effectively enhance the image of the supermarket.

3.2 Design

The high-quality supermarket display shelf has a structure that is more in line with the mechanics. Additionally, the shelves are snap-fitted and can be assembled seamlessly and firm brackets will ensure the stability of the entire shop storage shelf during display.

3.3 Material

high-quality shop display shelves will be made of real materials, using thickened layers and double-row holes to ensure the good loading capacity of supermarket shelves.

Inferior shelves are usually worn out after 2-3 years of use, while high-quality supermarket display shelves are wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, and have good stability. The seamless splicing makes the maintenance of supermarket display shelves easier, which saves costs for shops in the long run.


4 Functional Zone

The types of shop display shelves may be selected according to the different functional zones of the supermarket.

4.1 Food / Daily Necessities

Gondola shelves and one-side shop display shelves can be used together. The former can be set in the center of the shops to make a multi-directional display, while the latter can be placed against the walls.

4.2 Shop Cashier Counter

the combined cashier can be selected, and the required length can be customized according to the size of the cashier area of the store.  A wall shop storage shelves can be set behind the cashier to display some small goods like cigarettes and chewing gum to catch customers' eyes.  

4.3 Bread Area

it is recommended to use a customized bread shelf with special layers and baffles design to prevent scattering.

4.4 Fruit and Vegetable Area

Fruits and vegetables are heavier than other products, and the use of thickened and reinforced fruit and vegetable display stands can ensure that they are stable and safe to use.


5 Strength   

5.1 Shelf manufacturers with deep qualifications and long establishment time

These companies are more powerful. They have withstood the test of market and time and often have more advanced production equipment and technology. The supermarket shelves produced by such manufacturers must be more secure.

5.2 Shelf manufacturers with brand reputation

They usually have their own team to constantly update shelf products in combination with market trends, so as to make the installation and use of shelves more humanized.

5.3 Shelf manufacturers with a perfect service system

They can not only help you make the overall display layout, save worry and effort, but also save the cost of design. Perfect after-sales is the confidence in the quality of your own brand.
The above is about the way to choose shop display shelvesWe hope it can help you. If you need to customize supermarket shelves, you can contact our customer service to obtain the latest supermarket shelf quotation.

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