Solid Reasons to Choose Industrial Sems Screws
Solid Reasons to Choose Industrial Sems Screws
DIC Fasteners offer Sems Screws in various sizes, grades, and materials as per customer requirements. A wide variety of other sems screw combinations can be provided for the application including high force, load distribution, electrical grounding, wire termination, or the spanning of larger holes.

Sems Screw is a kind of screw that comes with a free-spinning lock washer and it keeps the fastening secure, by distributing the load equally. These screws also provide support to the screw head and prevent them from loosening. These screws are a combination of a bolt or screw with a built-in washer or set of washers.

     These screws are also referred to as captive fasteners because they are attached to one or more permanently fixed washers. The Sems screws allow for fast installation, permanence, and, easy adaptability to many applications with washers under their head.  

As the installation of these screws is easy and time-saving, are used for electrical components designing and manufacturing. Sems screws offer various benefits in terms of faster or easy assembly and handling.


 Advantages of Sems Screws:


* These screws eliminate the need for hand assembly which increases productivity and saves time.

* Permanent assembly of these screws ensures that the washer doesn’t get loose.

* These screws can be easily used in automated production programs with the help of hand drivers.

* Sems Screws work well in products with small dimensions that allow for seamless integration and assembly with less risk of failure or error.  

* Sems screws increase the efficiency and assembly.