Significant Points to Know about Hex Nuts and Square Nuts
Significant Points to Know about Hex Nuts and Square Nuts
The Nuts are commonly used in conjunction with malting bolts to fasten multiple objects together. After inserting the bolt into an object you can secure it with a nut. DIC Fasteners offers a wide variety of hex nuts and square nuts that are available in a selection of sizes shapes, styles, grades, and plating. Our products are made with facilities equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Hex Nuts:

Hex nuts are six-sided hexagonal nuts. Hex nuts are the most versatile and frequently used nut design. These type of highly versatile nuts always requires a wrench for their installation and removal. Hex Nuts are general-purpose nuts that are used in various applications such as industrial, petrochemical, and commercial. Hex nuts are one the widely used fasteners for petrochemical applications. Hex Nuts are also known as standard hex nuts. As Hex nuts are six-sided nuts, they provide extra torque that makes them easy to install. Hex nuts are used for tightening bolts and screws. These nuts can be used with all kinds of bolts.

Square Nuts:


A Square nut is a type of fastener that is designed for use with a square head bolt and a flat washer. It is a steel fastening device that threads into a steel bolt. Square nuts can be used for small applications as well as for large ones. Square nuts are easy to install in tight spaces. Square nuts are better protected against unintentional loosening than hex nuts. One reason the square nut is more popular is the ease of its removal and installation. The sharp corners of the square nuts can sometimes be harmful to the wood or metal surrounding the nut.