Custom and Bespoke Suits
Custom and Bespoke Suits
Custom and bespoke suitmaking is an exemplary form of tailoring, bringing the man to his fullest potential.

Custom and Bespoke Suits

Each of these garments is crafted by a team of cutters, buttonhole makers, and sewers. The entire team takes time to consider each client's measurements and personal style appointments, ensuring that each bespoke suit is fit for purpose and flattering.



If you need a special suit or are a unique shape, bespoke or custom suits may be the way to go. While many big department stores offer 3D fittings, the results are not entirely accurate, because the human eye cannot translate measurements to a machine. You will also have to wait a long time to get your suit, which can be anywhere from four to eight weeks.


The price of bespoke suits depends on the quality of the material used in its construction. The higher the quality of fabric, the higher the cost. Some high-end materials are made from the finest wool, while others are made from cheaper and less luxurious materials. High-end fabrics include super wool, cashmere, silk, and cotton.


Bespoke and custom suits are more expensive than MTM suits. A bespoke suit can cost thousands of dollars. While they can be more expensive, the level of service provided by a bespoke company is higher than at a standard Custom Suits NYC. However, digital-first made-to-measure companies tend to offer more affordable options. For example, Kashiyama the Smart Tailor offers suits for $300 while The Printed Cloth has suits for $695.


Customer experience

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The process of custom suiting begins with a consultation, during which a client discusses his style preferences and fabric options. At the same time, detailed measurements are taken. The tailor will also examine the client's posture, stance, and build. This initial consultation sets the tone for the rest of the relationship and the subsequent suits.


Custom suits can be made-to-measure or fully bespoke. They are not the same, though. Bespoke suits are made from scratch. Bespoke suits are usually expensive and should not be the first option for most people.



A bespoke suit can be made to fit your body shape and preferences. This process requires more time and more fittings than a made-to-measure suit. Made-to-measure suits use a pattern, which is typically made for a size 42 jacket and body. The tailor will then adjust the pattern to fit your body shape.


Bespoke suits are tailored to fit an individual, and are made to last. Bespoke suits and other bespoke garments are unique to the wearer. The pattern is specifically made for that individual, and this is not possible with off-the-rack suits. Bespoke suits may have additional details, such as shoulder pads, but are usually more expensive.


The process of creating bespoke suits starts with an initial consultation. This involves discussing the style and fabric choices, taking detailed measurements and observing the client's build, posture and stance. The consultation also lays the foundation for subsequent relationships.



Custom and bespoke suits can have many different types of fittings. The basic adjustments for a made to measure pattern are the jacket/sleeve length and waist circumference. However, some brands can make additional adjustments such as chest and shoulder width. These changes should be accounted for during the making process, so make sure to work with a tailor who will consider your measurements when making a bespoke suit.


In general, most bespoke tailors will perform two or more fittings. This will allow both the tailor and you to get a feel for how the garment will look when finished. The first fitting will be a "basted" fitting, during which you will have no pockets, darts, buttons, or sleeves. During the second fitting, you will be able to see these details and make any fine adjustments.


Custom & bespoke suit fittings can take weeks or months to complete. These fittings can involve meticulous stitching, as the seams must be perfectly placed. Buttons and fly buttons must be precisely placed.