Opensea Clone Script - Hivelance
Opensea Clone Script - Hivelance
The OpenSea Clone script is a highly customisable White Label NFT Marketplace solution that works in the same way as the OpenSea platform to list and mint NFTs on an open or auction bid

OpenSea clone script

OpenSea clone script is a pre-build web3 NFT marketplace script that incorporates all the main, trendy, and advanced features that help to create a robust NFT marketplace like OpenSea. The replica of the OpenSea NFT Marketplace facilitates a fully tailor-made application development option.

Hivelance's OpenSea clone script facilitates business people to create a P2P NFT Marketplace which goes about as a center point for creators, collectors, and users where they can buy, sell, and create NFTs and other digital collectibles. Our feature-rich Opensea clone script allows NFTs to list on its platform from various niches such as photos, videos, music, metaverse, and more digital collectibles.


What we deliver in our Opensea Clone Script

       Single NFT

       Multi NFT


       EVM Chain (Multichain)


       Lazy minting



       Auction & Bidding





What is OpenSea Clone script ?

OpenSea Clone script is a highly customizable White Label NFT Marketplace solution that executes similarly to the OpenSea platform developed to list and mint the NFTs in the Platform on an open or auction bid. OpenSea clone acknowledges different NFT categories to list on its platforms such as images, videos, artworks, metaverse, and other digitalized collectibles.


Benefits of our OpenSea clone script Highly Customizable

OpenSea clone script is developed by our expert developers and can be custom fitted to your particular requirements. Extra elements can be included in the clone script to construct a feature-rich NFT marketplace Like OPenSea.


Revenue Generating

The OpenSea clone script considers huge  income age  in an extremely secure way.  Various income streams are created through the OPenSea clone Script as it goes about  as the hub for the best NFT collectibles.


Minimal Transaction Fees

It is one of the main benefit: minimal transaction costs.



Magnificent      Features      for      the      Opensea      Clone       Script


The features of the NFT marketplace like Opensea is mentioned below that can be personalized and be framed according to the requirement.


       Front-end display

       IPFS Storage

       NFT Wallet Integration

       NFT Minting

       Single Minting

       Multiple Minting (ERC 1155 Standard)

       Multiple Currency Support

       Royalty Payment Support

       Metaverse Capability

       NFT Listing

       P2P Transaction

       Multi-chain interoperability Native Token Governance

       Gas-Free Marketplace Solution

       Notification option

       List, Sell and Buy NFTs

       Metamask Login

       Like, Watchlist, and Report options

       And more


Why Choose Hivelance for Opensea Clone Script?

Hivelance is the leading NFT marketplace development company offering the best solutions in creating the classic Opensea clone for your business. Our professional's expertise in developing a utility-based platform for our valuable customers. We adopt blockchain technology for your project development that supports various aspects.


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