Important Points to consider about Eye Bolt
Important Points to consider about Eye Bolt
DIC Fasteners is a Manufacturer and Exporter of Eye Bolts. We offer eye bolts in a wide range of finishes, grades, and materials, in inch and metric sizes. DIC Fasteners has been supplying a wide variety of stainless steel Nuts and Bolts and other different types of fasteners. Eye Bolts are frequently used elements in various construction works.

Eye Bolt is a type of externally threaded fastener that features loops that secure cable, wires, and chains to help with vertical lifting. Eye Bolts are manufactured by hot forging and cold forging, with and without shoulder. Eye bolts are commonly used to lift and transport heavy objects. These bolts are often used in industries such as civil engineering industry, construction, and shipbuilding.  

What is an Eye Bolt used for?

The Eye bolts are not used for the same fastening application as traditional bolts. Traditional bolts are those bolts that are used to secure two or more objects together. An eye bolt is used for a variety of lifting needs. They can be connected to the materials, containers, and other items to provide a point through which a wire or cable can be secured. 

 Generally, these bolts are created to enable the movement of equipment to transport where moving by hand was not possible. Eye bolts are commonly designed to handle loads that are being lifted directly from above.  

Types of Eye Bolts:


  • Bent Eye Bolts: Bent wire eye bolts sometimes referred to as closed bolts, wire eye bolts, or turned eye bolts, are steel wire fasteners that feature a closed loop at one end and a threaded shank on the other side. These bolts are for through-hole applications. Bent wire eye bolts are not to be used for lifting as the eye loop can open under heavy loads. 
  • Forged Eye Bolts:- Forged eye bolts are forged instead of being formed. These one-piece fasteners provide higher load ratings. It is a type of threaded fastener that is widely used on wooden poles. These types of eye bolts are used when there is a great working load than a bent eye bolt.