How To Build a Coupon & Deals app like Ibotta & Rakuten App?
How To Build a Coupon & Deals app like Ibotta & Rakuten App?
Save money through daily deals and discount coupon apps on your daily shopping. Opt for online coupon app development to connect to a wider audience and earn profits.


Well, we all want to spend less and get more. We all want to manage our spending patterns so that we do not end up spending more. Sometimes impulsive buying ends in spending more money than you plan for. Well, today apps help us save a lot through online shopping. Whether it is about buying apparel, food items, or other items, we get to save through exciting deals and discounts.

When you engage in online shopping you get money back on your purchase as well. It is known as Coupon & Deals platform daily deals app development.

Well, people are choosing apps like Ibotta & Rakuten as these apps help you save a lot of money. In case you are planning to invest in apps like Ibotta development project, then it is important to understand how the application works

About Ibotta

It is Denver, Colorado-based startup that collaborates with offline brands as well as e-retailers across the country.

Ibotta app helps its customers to get cashback & manufacturer discounts through the app itself. You can use the app to find 300 + retailers.

Cashback App- How does it work?

Here the customers can buy the same product from different retailers. This customer behavior tempts the retailers to identify different methods to increase online traffic to their purchases. It means the higher the traffic the more the customers are attracted to your app.

These target customers would fetch more commission. This is the way business model works for daily deals and shopping coupon app.

The cashback & discount apps create a successful business model that shares some portion of the sales commission with their customers. It means when the customer makes a purchase the app owner will get a commission.

Advantages of Coupon & Deals app

Now, if you are thinking about how these applications are beneficial to your business as well as the users then let us explore some benefits it offers

For Businesses

  • Help you increase sales

  • Improve user engagement and create brand awareness

  • Helps retain customers

  • Helps build loyalty.

  • Help stay in the competition.

For Users

  • Helps save money

  • All deals are visible to the users

  • Offers exciting deals daily rather than just on the festive season

  • Can redeem coupons and offers faster

  • Offers economical and exciting shopping experience.

Must-Have Features To Be Considered While Creating An App Like Ibotta & Rakuten

Well, when you think of building an app for your business, the main development process should involve the list of features to be included in the app. You need to focus on the basics to build a successful app so consider the list of features given below.

You would need 2 more apps for an on-demand application that is Admin and Merchant

Features To Be Included In User App

  • UI Design

  • Responsive & user-friendly design.

  • Display ongoing deals/ future deals/special deals

  • Multilingual assistance to release app internationally

  • Different payment gateway methods for faster payment.

  • Customized notifications & emails.

  • Social media integration for easy registration

  • Google map for tracking the location

  • Multiple cities and multiple stores available.

You can include a smart search option to carry out keyword-based, price-based search, or discount(percent) based searches. Apart from this, you can include the FAQs section, buying guide Contact us and About us

Features To Be Included In Admin App

  • Robust and captivating administration system.

  • Custom App Design

  • Manage deals or offers or coupons.

  • Manage categories and subcategories.

  • Manage subscribers & subscriptions.

  • Manage stores.

  • Manage statistics, graphs, and dashboards.

  • Manage deals per day.

  • Manage analytics.

  • Manage payments.

  • Manage merchants.

  • Manage purchasing guide.

  • Manage deliveries.

  • Manage customers.

  • Manage login/logout time tracking.

  • Manage language.

  • Manage visitor tracking.

Features To Be Included In Merchant App

  1. Add fresh deals.

  2. Manage current deals.

  3. Manage order dispatch.

  4. Manage coupons redemption

  5. Notifications & mail management.

  6. Track the delivery status.

  7. Manage subscriptions.

  8. Stock management.

  9. Dashboard management.

Steps To Consider For The Online Coupon App Development Process


Want to to build daily deals and discount coupons app like Ibotta & Rakuten? Consider the development process right from scratch so that you get everything right.

To build such apps, you can choose to hire a mobile app development company or simply outsource it to freelancers. This would be the process followed by the developers

  1. Statement of Work document

  2. Outlines & Deadline

  3. Design Wireframes

  4. Backend development

  5. Quality Analysis

  6. Deployment/Launch

The Expert Team Involved In Building The App

  • UI/UX designer

  • Project Manager

  • Business Analyst

  • Software engineers

  • QA Engineer

Development Cost To Create Coupon and Deals App Like Ibotta & Rakuten


Well, you cannot calculate the final cost of coupon app development as the final price is affected by multiple factors. The costs vary based on functionalities, features, platforms, tech stack you select. You can hire an experienced online coupon mobile app development company to work on your app development project so that you get desired results.

You can choose to build mobile apps on a particular platform that would decide the overall costs. You can also opt for web apps, Android or iOS that would again change the cost. If you have budget constraints you can choose a cross-platform app development process that helps the app run on chosen platforms.

So, the above factors need to be considered while building coupon apps like Ibotta & Rakuten App.


So, if you are looking for an expert mobile app development company to help you build an app like Ibotta and Rakuten, collaborate with Apps on Demand To get everything right from the beginning till the completion of the project. We understand the app features that would make an app successful. We can also help build a white-label mobile coupon app. Get in touch with us to get a free quote.

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