Best Shopify Stores for Inspiration
Best Shopify Stores for Inspiration
Shopify is home to over a million independent businesses across a multitude of industries, from food and drink to fashion.

Shopify is home to over a million independent businesses across a multitude of industries, from food and drink to fashion. Looking for inspiration? Here are some brands at Shopify that are standing out thanks to unique marketing and one-of-a-kind products. If you want your own Shopify store to stand out, you’ll need the best Shopify SEO services — read on to learn more.

This line of clothing features unique artwork by cartoonist Harry Hambley. He created a character named Bean that can now be found on sweaters and shirts — as well as plushies. Ketnipz started off on Instagram and art festivals but has since blown up on Shopify thanks to the fun and creative vibe of the company.

Adored Vintage
This Shopify store sells vintage clothing and modern pieces inspired by vintage clothing, created by owner Rodellee Bas. What makes this store stand out is how carefully curated the collection of clothing is. The Shopify store itself is like a look back in time thanks to all the attention to detail across the site.

Beefcake Swimwear
Inspired by 1920s fashion, this one-of-a-kind line of swimwear is sustainable and ethically made. Each piece is manufactured by people in Portland, Oregon. Mel Wells will even tell people how much each article of clothing costs to make, making them even more trustworthy.

Rainbow Vision
Artist and creative director Leela Hoehn wants people to be able to express themselves through their greeting cards, planners, notebooks, journals, and more. The bold visuals range from rainbows and spaceships to mushrooms and eyeballs. You’ll get a groovy vibe while on this Shopify store looking for gifts.

This unique Shopify store sells smart e-bikes. The high quality bikes are matched by a visually stunning and high-end Shopify site. There are videos and photos throughout the site that give an in depth look at their e-bikes, explaining their functions and features. Cowboy offers customers the opportunity to book a test ride before purchasing a bike.

This is a subscription-based company that makes oral care fun. The Spotify store is vibrant and gives off beach vacation vibes. The boxes contain quality oral care products, like dental floss and toothbrushes. The founder is a dentist, Chrystle Cu, which makes Cocofloss a great blend of creativity and important healthcare. Each box has new flavors and colors, keeping it exciting.

This footwear company was founded by footballer Tim Brown and engineer Zoey Zwillinger. The shoes are made from natural and sustainable materials. You can find shoes made of wool and eucalyptus. The packaging is also recyclable. The attention to detail at Allbirds makes it one of the most popular shoe stores on Shopify.

Taza Chocolate
This chocolate company is unique since the flavor and texture of each bar are inspired by Mexican chocolate. Taza Chocolate has intense flavors. But it’s also popular due to the ethical and fair business Alex Whitmore and Kathleen Fulton run with farmers as partners.

Fresh Heritage
Brothers Jamil and Gamal Codner started Fresh Heritage after a trip to Africa. They were inspired by the traditional grooming habits and oils in Africa and wanted to bring them back to the United States. This Shopify store is focused on products for black men, providing customers with high quality grooming kits and beard oils.

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