6 Employee Gifts Your Team Members Can Use Every Day
6 Employee Gifts Your Team Members Can Use Every Day
What better way to show your employees that you care about their hard work and value their contributions to your team than with employee appreciation gifts? Just-for-fun gifts are certainly welcome, but gifts are even more appreciated when your team members can use them every day. Finding practical employee gifts is often a great investment to help your team achieve even more success.

Giving your employees genuinely useful gifts is an effective way to demonstrate that you value their contributions to the team and recognize their hard work. Finding the right source for employee appreciation gifts can be the difference between giving your team useless novelties that will collect dust on their desk and giving them fun, inspirational presents they can use every day. Here are six practical gift ideas to get for your team members.

Convenient Branded Wireless Earbuds

Earbuds get a lot of use in the modern workplace. For some, their favorite music offers an invigorating soundtrack while they work, and others may prefer listening to white noise to block out distractions. Plus, they can even be used to quickly hop on a video conference. A branded pair of wireless earbuds offer the comfort and convenience of traditional earbuds without wires to get tangled up in your pocket.

An Organizational Spiral Sticky Note Booklet

For virtually any employee who works makes it a priority to stay organized, sticky notes and sticky page flags can prove invaluable. You can optimize the organizational efficiency of your team’s sticky notes and page flags by giving them a variety of different colors. Get your employees spiral sticky note booklets featuring your company or team’s logo. They will certainly get a lot of use.

A Fun Screen Cleaning Figure

There are few businesses across the country that don’t rely on devices with screens for at least some portion of their work process. Computer monitors, TV screens, smartphones, and tablets are work essentials for millions. A branded screen cleaning figure is both a fun way to liven up an employee’s desk or cubicle space and a practical asset that they will appreciate.

An Interactive Gear Personal Desk Clock

Employee gifts certainly also include Executive Gifts for members of your leadership team. Executive gifts don’t get much classier than a custom-inscribed interactive gear personal desk clock. The visible gears and mechanisms of an interactive gear clock mounted on rich, dark wood draw the eye to this gorgeous conversation starter. Not to mention—an interactive gear clock is a handy timepiece that can help your leaders stick to their busy schedules.

A Handy Highlighter Set

Highlighters are indispensable for millions of offices worldwide, and a selection of highlighters in a variety of different colors is better still. These highlighters can even be organized like the five fingers of “handy” holder with your company’s logo emblazoned on it. Make your team members smile with a hand-shaped highlighter holder.

A Personalized Multi-Tool

Sometimes the most versatile office equipment goes beyond a highlighter or sticky notes. For those team members whose work requires a more hands-on approach, consider a Personalized Multi-Tool. This multi-tool has a whole lot of potential with its 13 tools, including:

• Pliers

• Screwdrivers

• Wire cutter

• Can opener

• Saw blade

• 2-inch blade

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