Refrigerator repair tips ?
Refrigerator repair tips ?
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One of the few home appliances that operate continuously, day or night, to maintain the temperature of your food is your refrigerator. 
It is rather astonishing that refrigerators fail so infrequently when you consider how hard they have to work. 
In the unlikely event that your refrigerator breaks down, you might have to pay a hefty repair price in addition to the cost of replacing all the food you lost.
For example, if you live in Trivandrum and your refrigerator needs to be repaired, you must seek out a refrigerator repair service in Trivandrum.
Don't be afraid! You may learn some tips you need to know about fixing your refrigerator yourself if the issues are not that big.
So that you don't want to call for refrigerator repair service in Trivandrum.
You might be shocked to hear that repairs are pretty simple and require a little patience and appliance expertise.

If you follow these steps, then it could be helpful to you, and also it will extend the lifespan of your refrigerator.
Also, I want to mention one important thing, these are just tips, if the condition is severe then you need to go for a To make sure the seal is sealing properly.

Ensure a refrigerator is disconnected before performing any maintenance. 
Examine the motor or the compressor for a capacitor after disconnecting the device; the capacitor is housed on top of the motor in a housing. 
Even when the power to the device is switched off, capacitors continue to store energy.
You must discharge the capacitor in a capacitor-style fridge before working on it, or else you risk getting shocked severely.

Location of Your Appliance

Your refrigerator and/or freezer will have to work harder than necessary and consume more energy, which will raise your energy expenses, if you place them right next to a heat source, outside in warm areas, or where the sun will light on them.
Find a cool, level, and dry place, with enough space to open the entrance and enough clearance at the back for good airflow.

Care and Maintenance


  • To make sure the seal is sealing properly, check it occasionally. If the seal is insufficient, the door could need to be adjusted or the seal might need to be changed.
  • Regularly clean and defrost the freezer. Ice accumulation will reduce its effectiveness.
  • Ensure the safety of your young children by locking freezers.
  • To ensure appropriate air circulation, constantly vacuum any exposed condenser coils.
  • Maintain a steady temperature to prevent food from becoming bad.

This advice is general; for further maintenance instructions, or additional services, you need to go for refrigerator repair service in Trivandrum.


Tips for if you are moving the refrigerator


  • For safer transport, you can lay your upright, but be sure to flip it over with the hinges facing up to prevent the door from opening. 
    If at all possible, keep it upright and firmly fasten it to a sidewall or rack on your transport vehicle.
  • To keep it from moving and safeguard the hinges, you can think about fastening the door.
  • Moving the appliance requires removing glass shelves.
  • If you do turn it over on its side, wait at least 30 minutes before plugging your appliance in to give the oil enough time to return to the compressor's rightful location.
  • As the oil needs more time to move, older units should have an even longer waiting period.
  • Your refrigerator or freezer may not seem to be operating after being plugged in after spending a lot of time outside in the cold. 
       The thermostat will instruct it to start working once it has acclimatized to the warmer room temperature.

By doing these things you can extend the lifespan of your refrigerator

I will mention some tips for how to discharge a capacitor, service the door switch, and service the defrost timer.


Discharging a Capacitor

Step 1: The refrigerator must first be unplugged.

Step 2: Disconnect the service panel covering the back of the unit's rear section or the service panel on the front of the unit beneath the door, as described later for disassembly, to obtain access to the capacitor. 
On top of the motor/compressor unit, in a housing that resembles a big dry cell battery, is the capacitor.

Step 3: Use a 20,000-ohm, 2-watt resistor—a cheap wire component accessible at most electrical supply stores—to discharge the capacitor. 
Attaching the resistor's probes to the capacitor's terminals causes the capacitor to discharge.
Link the resistor to one of the outer terminals and the center terminal, then towards the other exterior terminal and the center terminal, if the capacitor has three terminal posts. 
You can carry out the repairs after the capacitor has been discharged.

Servicing the Door Switch

Step 1:  Determine whether the bulb has burned out. If not, press the door switch's push button.

Step 2: Wipe the switch down if the light remains on. After that, take the switch out of the jamb. 
      To reveal the switch, pull off the jamb trim, remove retaining screws that are concealed by a plastic trim piece, or use a screwdriver to pry the switch out of the jamb.
      Next, use a VOM calibrated to the RX1 scale to test the switch 

Step 3: Is to attach a VOM probe to every switch terminal and press the push button.
        The meter ought to show zero. Replace the switch with a new one of the same type if the scale's needle rises above zero.

Step 4: Is to connect the new switch in the same manner as the old one.

Servicing the Defrost Timer

Step 1: Unplug the refrigerator.

Step 2: Cut the wires that are connected to the timer and timer motor.
        Back out two retention screws to free the timer from its mounting brackets.

Step 3: Use a VOM calibrated to the RX1 scale to test the defrost timer.
        One VOM probe should be attached to each defrost timer cable, not the machine wire, and the timer control screw shaft should be turned until it clicks.
        The meter will read zero if the defrost timer is working. The defrost timer must be repaired if the needle leaps.
        Change it out for a fresh example of the same kind.

Step 4: Connect the new defrost timer using the same connectors as the old one.

To conclude,

    These are some repair tips for you. If the issues are bigger than this it's better to contact the refrigerator repair service in Trivandrum.
    If you are repairing always make sure that the refrigerator is unplugged