Hire the best immigration lawyers or consultants- Nestabroad Immigration
Hire the best immigration lawyers or consultants- Nestabroad Immigration
If someone is looking for best immigration lawyers or consultants he or she must go through this list of the finest canada immigration lawyer in Punjab

If someone is looking for best immigration lawyers or consultants he or she must go through this list of the finest canada immigration lawyer in Punjab if you're seeking for someone to help you apply for an immigration or student visa at a foreign embassy. We have ranked each consultant according to the comments we have received from clients who have used their services in an effort to provide you more information about each consultant. In addition to customer reviews, these Punjab immigration consultants have been evaluated based on their facilities, the countries they are aware about, the cost of the visa, general conduct, the number of counsellors and filing officers who work with them, as well as their experience.

Who are Immigration Lawyers?

Immigration lawyer specialises in criminal and marital law. An excellent communicator with remarkable relationship management abilities, efficient at maintaining cordial commercial relationships with legal counsels as well as other external agencies. Their  fundamental values: ambition, commitment, excellence, and integration guarantee the highest professional standards and aid in the development of supportive and strong connections with their clients.

Top Imiggration Consultants in Punjab

Here is the list of top 10 immigration consultants in Punjab.

AEC Consultants

AEC Consultants is a reputable immigration firm situated in Punjab that specialises in Student Visas. They have over 7 branches in all major Indian cities. Trained advisers at the AEC main office in Sector 34-A, Chandigarh, provide appropriate assistance in terms of country and course selection. The best part about AEC Consultants is that they have an in-house Ex-Visa officer that assists candidates by accurately drafting their visa file.

Blue Sapphire Consultants

Blue Sapphire Consultants is a top visa and Canada immigration lawyer in Punjab with a track record of success. Blue Sapphire, which is headquartered on the ground floor of a well-managed office building in Sector 34, has direct connections with various cutting-edge institutions, institutes, and universities throughout the world  and also has some contact with good immigration lawyers. Aside from student visas, the organisation is well-known for handling Canada citizenship claims under the skilled worker category and has a high success record.

Academic & Professional Studies Abroad (APSA)

Academic & Professional Studies Abroad (APSA) is an AAERI, NZIS, QEATC, and PIER-approved education agency. They provide a one-stop shop for students looking to study abroad in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, and Ireland. They offer complete assistance with student visas, as well as dependent and visiting visas and can help you out with assistance of some good immigration lawyers. The APSA staff not only focuses on admission but also assists students in obtaining scholarships from various external scholarship programmes. Councillors have been educated by ex-US embassy specialists, and students can have their files reviewed by an ex-US embassy expert.

West Highlander

West Highlander is an international career counselling service that serves Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. They provide free services such as counselling, admissions, and visa assistance. The staff at West Highlander in Chandigarh, Punjab is highly skilled and experienced in handling the study abroad procedure. As a result, top West Highlander staff have received official training in study visa advice from the Australian High Commission, Education NZ, and Canadian Accreditation agencies. This immigration consultant in Punjab is a signatory to the Pastoral Care for International Students Act and is accredited by the following organisations.

Sunrise Immigration consultants

Sunrise Immigration consultants Punjab, also known as "Sunrise International Legal Services," provides immigration services, student visas, and business/investor visas to the following countries. They provide skilled immigration in Canada, Australia. Also, provide Business / Investment Migration in Canada, the United States, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom.

Asia Pacific Group

As a specialist in student visas and immigration to Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, Education & Migration Services is one of the most sought-after immigration advisors in Punjab. They have one office in Chandigarh and two in Australia's Melbourne and Sydney. Six migration agents associated with Asia Pacific Group are registered with MARA. In addition to MARA, AAERI Member for Australia, ISANA, ICEF, Member of Migration Alliance, Migration Institute of Australia, IEAA, Licensed Immigration Advisor (NZ), ENZ Trained Agency, and Qualified Education Agent Counselor registered from PIER, they also belong to other organisations (Australia). The finest aspect of this immigration consultant in Chandigarh is that they not only assist with the visa application procedure but also offer complete support once you go to another country and help you with their contacts with immigration lawyers in case of any legality issues.

Canam Group

Canam Immigration Consultant mainly works with student visas, but they also give competent immigration advice. They have a solid visa track record. If you are planning a relocation to Canada and are seeking for housing, you may go through the alternatives on this page.

WWICS Immigration Group

WWICS was founded in 1993 and is the world's largest immigration organisation. They continue to hold seminars around India to educate people about immigration rules. WWICS is the immigration business with the most offices in all major cities in India, and has the most immigration clients.

Oceanic Consultants

Oceanic is also regarded as one of the best immigration experts in Punjab. They generally deal with student visas, but due to their competence in this industry, they provide a wide range of services. Oceanic consultants were founded in 1996.

The Chopras


Unlike Sunrise and WWICS, The Chopras immigration consultants primarily deal with student visas and other student-related services. They work in a variety of locations and are well-known for their special, extended services to assist students in studying abroad. The Chopras offer some excellent nation-specific information for ambitious applicants who want to study in their chosen country.