Everything you need to know about aluminium glass doors
Everything you need to know about aluminium glass doors
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Provide more natural light

Glass allows clarity to flow from room to room without sacrificing privacy. Glass doors and walls give a panoramic view of the place, separate spaces and create an illusion of spaciousness, which makes them the best option for small spaces. Having a glass door will provide more natural light, which translates into a greater sense of space, elegance and positive energy. It allows connecting the interior part with the external part of the home.

Connect with other parts of the home

Imagine that you have a swimming pool and that you cannot see it if you do not open the wooden door. However, with the sliding door you will have a glass finish that allows you to see the entire panorama in front of you. This way you will have more air and contact with the outdoor elements.

Saves much more space

Glass doors made by the Aluminium doors and windows manufactures in UAE can be the best option to save space anywhere. When sliding to the right or left, there is no need to think about the turn that common doors take, which can leave us without an essential thing due to lack of space. A well-manufactured glass door with the right materials is a door that lasts over time

Affordable and robust

Of course, a glass door on aluminium frame is lot cheaper than any other door materials, such as wooden doors. For example, imagine installing a big wooden door. It will not only take space to open, but costs you a lot, depending on the type of wood and design. On the other hand, glass doors and windows on aluminium frame will be affordable, without taking up much space.

Tailored glass doors

Sliding glass doors are perfect for almost all types of spaces, although in most cases it is usually seen in complementary rooms, such as between a kitchen and a living room or between a dressing room and a bedroom. Glass sliding doors can be either fixed or sliding. Depending on our tastes, our needs and the space we have, we can choose between glass doors that open in the classic way or those that slide with slides. Now you can order savio aluminium accessories Sharjah online, according to your project and budget.

Larger glass sliding door

Just by sliding to the right or left you will be opening the way to another section of the house without thinking about the problem you would have had if the dimensions of the door were smaller. Glass sliding doors are perfect for your house, be it a small apartment, or a luxury villa.

Aluminium and glass works

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Aluminium doors are the best option for house closings. There are several types of sliders in which aluminium plays an essential role, as well as its wide possibilities at level aesthetic. Aluminium glass sliding doors are the best ally in small rooms where centimetres are scarce. The aluminium doors can be fully opened and recessed into the wall. The construction industry demands more and more materials that have a high resistance capacity.

Aluminium slides meet the required performance specifications and minimize dead load on structures. The aluminium sliding doors are completely recyclable. Aluminium is flame retardant and is classified as a "non-combustible" material. So, these types of doors are also the right option at the level of home security. The durability of an automatic aluminium glass door allows aluminium doors to not be affected by climatic changes.

However, there are six types of glass doors available – Hinged single door, French doors, Bi-fold doors, Pivot glass doors, Sliding door, and Stacking doors. Search glass and aluminium companies in UAE online and get your high-quality aluminium glass sliding door at affordable prices, according to your budget.


The finishes of the aluminium glass doors are very attractive and with infinite possibilities in terms of colours and textures, with a high quality. Hanging or sliding aluminium glass doors makes them safe and easy to handle. Likewise, they have the most elegant solutions for bathroom doors, garage doors, handrails and glass walls that serve several purposes in decoration – expand, separate, cover and decorate all types of space. Contact your nearest glass installation company today.