Engineered wood flooring: Why is it so popular?
Engineered wood flooring: Why is it so popular?
There are many reasons why engineered wood flooring has become more popular over the last few decades, including its versatility and countless benefits.

There are many reasons why engineered wood flooring has become more popular over the last few decades, including its versatility and countless benefits.

Engineered wood flooring - what does it mean?

An engineered wood floor consists of a solid wood top layer and a plywood base layer. This means that you get the advantage of a solid wood floor to look at and the strength and stability from the base layers. It is much more versatile than solid wood flooring.

In certain situations, engineered wood floors can provide a viable alternative to solid wood floors for those seeking a floor with real character. In fact, contractors are installing more engineered hardwood floors than ever before. 

There is no doubt that wood is a timeless building material, and it has been used for a variety of structural purposes for centuries. So why are more and more contractors installing engineered wood flooring?

What Are the Benefits of Engineered Hardwood?

Apparently, engineered hardwood flooring is the trend of choice in the flooring market these days. There are several very good reasons why people are flocking to this type of flooring. In addition to being affordable and easy to maintain, this type of flooring looks fantastic as well. You can opt for a variety of stunning looks all without compromising your wallet and risking an investment that could get irreversibly messed up a few months down the line. The top layer of engineered hardwood floors is also prefinished, which means they are extremely easy to install since they have already been sanded and sealed. The sealant also ensures that your new flooring won't have its finish tainted during installation by dirt, sawdust, water, or other substances. This takes some of the legwork out of initial installations.

Ready to go with all the preparations

In addition to being able to use engineered hardwood immediately after installation, this is another benefit. In contrast to genuine hardwood floors, sanding and sealing have already been done preemptively at a factory, saving you hours of hassle and time. Your custom needs have been met with this modern flooring, which can immediately be installed and is fully functional.

The difference between engineered wood flooring and solid hardwood flooring can be a little confusing for those of you who are just starting out in the process of choosing your flooring. Floors with engineered wood are made of strong, but sometimes less attractive, wood covered with veneer. We’ll talk about why engineered wood flooring is so popular so that you can see why more and more people choose it.


The cost of adding flooring to a room can vary depending on its size. It costs much less than solid hardwood flooring while still being of high quality, which is one of the main reasons engineered wood flooring is so popular. In engineered wood planks, much of the wood is cheaper and stronger; only a thin layer of more expensive wood veneer is applied to the surface. Manufacturers are able to save a lot of money by doing this, which they pass along to customers in the form of lower prices.

Environmentally friendly

In addition to reducing damage to the environment, hardwood flooring with engineered boards is generally better for the environment. Engineered wood flooring is better than solid hardwood boards in terms of sustainability. With engineered wood, one tree can produce a great deal more planks than solid hardwood because it only needs a thin veneer layer of wood. As a result, we are able to use trees more efficiently and reduce demand.


Wood is prone to moisture damage in any form. Even sealed flooring can be exposed to moisture and water on a regular basis. Engineered wood was originally created to combat the effects that moisture normally has on solid hardwood floors. Solid hardwood bows and warps over time as a result of excessive moisture, but engineered wood does not suffer from this issue as much. Kitchens and bathrooms, for example, are excellent places to install engineered wood flooring because they deal with a lot of moisture.

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