Web and App Development Company in Bhubaneswar
Web and App Development Company in Bhubaneswar
For any business to flourish, an online presence is paramount in today’s age. All social media marketing, SEO strategies, and ad placements, redirect to only one location-your website. Not to mention, a good website always ranks well in SEO. Hence to ensure that you achieve maximum ROI on all the efforts spent in marketing, always invest on a unique and professionally designed website.

Why Crooked? (

At TIG Media App and Web Development company in Kerala you will get one of the best design & content management teams in India. Our testimonials speak for us. Over the years, we have managed to recognise the pulse of the online platform, seeking out trends and have been updating our methods to gain proficiency in the latest development tools on offer. We have curated these skills over time and promise to bring you only the best.

Here is what we provide in terms of web development services-

  • Versatility in design:

Be it an e-commerce website or a website catered to a startup, we do them all. Starting from big business corporations to smaller organizations that are just starting out, our services vary keeping in mind the unique requirements of every business.

  • Mobility in hosting:

View our websites on a phone, on a tablet, on a laptop and you will experience the same richness and clarity in design as always.

  • User-friendly UI:

Our user interfaces are meant to make the customer’s life easier. We do not compromise clarity with style. But that does not mean your website will lack anywhere in panache!

  • Fresh content:

Our team of content writers whip up fresh content everyday Appear updated and trending with the content we provide.

  • SEO-tested:

Armed with our years of experience in search engine optimization, your website will gain the maximum visibility and rankings.

Why Do You Need a Professional Website?

  • Maintain your brand

A professionally designed website is essential to establishing authenticity in your business and helping you gain the trust of your customers. To grow from a business, into a brand, a top-notch website is crucial.

  • Save money

Yes you read that right! A good website speaks for itself and would not need high maintenance or do-overs. Your initial investment goes a long way in securing your market position.

  • Be accessible

A business’s strength lies in how accessible they are and how happy the customers are with their support system. A robust website allows everyone to access you, be it for sales or after sale services, boosting your business even while you sleep.