The importance of electroplating in chemical earthing electrode.
The importance of electroplating in chemical earthing electrode.
Chemical earthing is a classic earthing procedure in which chemicals such as graphite-based or bentonite compounds are put into earthing pits to aid improve soil quality and reduce soil resistance.

Chemical Earthing is used to lower earthing resistance while the increase in potential charge between the electrode for the faster dissipation of over-voltages.

Electroplating is the process of coating another metal with a thin layer of metal to improve its physical and chemical properties. They usually do this by applying a direct current, which helps create a strong chemical bond between the two metals. Galvanizing is usually done for two reasons: decorative and protective.

You may have heard of gold-plated jewelry. The same electroplating process is used to paint gold on metal surfaces for decorative purposes. Another example is a copper rod used as a ground electrode formed by the electroplating process. It galvanized copper tie bars to improve their electrical and mechanical properties.

Here, these bars give longer life and higher conductivity. The copper ground rod is made of pure copper and a high-strength, low-carbon steel rod. This cost-effectively increases the tensile strength and wear resistance of the earthing rod. Copper bonded rod can penetrate deep into the ground and are suitable for high-impedance ground conditions, as they provide a low impedance path.

Electroplating process: We have already discussed the electroplating process flow in our school, but let's quickly review the general flow for better understanding. The industrial process is like the school process but presents some innovative changes that require greater efficiency. As described above, the electroplating process is performed by overlaying one layer of metal on top of another.

The two metals required for electroplating act as the anode and cathode during the electroplating process. It is immersed in an electrolyte solution and then electrocuted. The ions are formed by applying an electric current that slowly moves towards the cathode and is deposited, forming a thin film. In this way, we get the galvanized rod. The thickness of the coating depends on the length of the process, and a common example is silver plating on the spoon.

What is the process of electroplating the chemical earthing rod? 

They perform the factory plating process in three main steps to obtain copper bonding electrodes: 

1- Pre-cleaning 

2- Plating 

3- Post-cleaning 


Copper bonding Chemical Earthing Electrode is manufactured in the following steps to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the ground rod.


Pre-cleaning: The pre-cleaning is the first stage, thoroughly cleaned the anodes and cathodes used in electroplating to avoid any contamination. The raw materials used may contain surface contaminants that can hinder the process and interfere with a strong bond. Next is the electroplating process. The raw materials here are mild steel and copper, which go through a pre-cleaning process.

Galvanizing: Galvanizing is the process of combining mild steel and copper to form an earth electrode bonded to the copper. The cathode in this process is the material to be galvanized, in this case, mild steel. The anode used here is a copper rod, and the electrolyte is a copper sulfate solution. The final product of this process is a steel rod bonded to copper. Typically, the thickness of copper electrodes is 250 microns.

By varying the duration of the electroplating, the size or thickness of the copper coating can be changed based on the application or customer requirements. By extending the electrolysis time, the thickness of the copper coating can be increased.

Post-cleaning: The last step in the process is post-cleaning, which involves cleaning the mild steel ground bar attached to the copper. This is done to reduce long-term oxidation of the rod, making it more effective as a ground electrode.

Advantages of copper bonded earthing rod:

·         The copper bond increases the corrosion resistance and durability of the earthing electrode. The galvanizing process ensures a solid molecular bond between the copper core and the steel.

·         The pole will not be damaged even if it is buried deep in the hard ground, and it is easy to install.

·         The ground electrode is specially designed and bonded to the copper to increase the electrical conductivity and thus increase the propagation of the fault current.

·         The service life is also exceptionally increased because of its improved wear resistance and is suitable for use on many floors.


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