Consulting on Data Center Build - Kobb Technologies
Consulting on Data Center Build - Kobb Technologies
Let Kobb Technology Consulting on Data Center Build Services help you with design, implementation, assurance and energy services for a next-generation data center. Build your own concurrently maintainable Data Centers with kobb Technology

Build your own simultaneously maintainable Data Centers using India’s top-quality resource

Have Your Dedicated Technical Team In India To Act As Your Extended Office

Build your own simultaneously maintainable Data Centers using India’s top-quality resource


Building 21st Century Data Centers aren't any trivial challenge. After 18 years of constructing them for ourselves, the Indian government and an array of enterprise companies, Kobb has seen technologies and benefits grow and evolve surprisingly. Complexity has grown, too. Network technology, infrastructures, applications, and architectures are now providing the performance of programmability, the fee- benefits of virtualization, and massive possibilities with data analytics for corporations like yours.


Data middle facilities consulting offerings that deliver hybrid infrastructure-prepared information centers as an integrated aspect of IT methods.



Building a data center is a rather complex undertaking. And it’s important that it’s done right so it supports your business objectives. That’s where Data Center Consulting Services come in. We understand every phase of the data center development and creation process and can guide you through the entire project – from start to achievement.


We help you:


Understand the specific requirements of your new data center

Design every aspect of your new data center and see how an effective design will deliver the functionality needed to meet your needs for today and tomorrow.

Gain a clear understanding of the total costs of the project and the time it will take to complete.

Execute the development plan and, with the help of our highly experienced team, make sure you keep the project on target and on budget.

Datacenter assessments

Single point of failure analysis

“TCO” analysis

“Build vs. Colocation” analysis

Site evaluations

IT master planning

The Kobb team understands your requirements and creates a roadmap for the project

We design the detailed framework and present it to customer.

Based on design approvals by customer the Kobb team begins building the data center.

Post Data Center completion, a comprehensive handover process begins

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