Build a secure and robust cryptocurrency exchange platform with Bitcoin clone
Build a secure and robust cryptocurrency exchange platform with Bitcoin clone
bitcoin exchange script

Cryptocurrency trading has gained popularity among people around the world. The reason behind this much user traction is due to factors such as decentralized networks, anonymity, instant transaction, etc.

If you are interested in spreading your business verticals in this field, we are here to help you. This blog gives you an overview of the basic working, features, and benefits of the Bitcoin exchange script.

  1. Initially, the user has to complete the registration process and log in to the application.

  2. To provide security to the user’s account, the application employs 2FA and Anti Money Laundering (AML).

  3. Next, the user will find his/her trading partner and propose a quote.

  4. The transaction will begin once the buyer and the seller agree to the app’s terms and conditions.

  5. For every transaction, a certain amount will be deducted as a commission fee from the user.

Be it any business, the user will turn their heads, if and only if he/she finds it different from the competitors. Keeping this in mind, at Appdupe, we have come up with a set of unique features.

Two-factor authentication- Security is our top-most priority. We employ two-factor authentication that will prevent the user’s account from being hacked.

Multiple currency pairing- This feature will allow the user to exchange any of the cryptocurrencies.

Match and trade- Help your user to find the accurate trading pair for the exchange of cryptocurrencies.

BTC Wallet- The app’s decentralized system supports all the devices that you wish to enable in your wallet. This promotes easy transactions.


Bitcoin trading script

will be the best fit for pulling users towards your business.