Best Business Tips to Increase Sales in 2022
Best Business Tips to Increase Sales in 2022
With the beginning of the year 2022, every business has this big concern - how to increase sales? Technology and innovation happen to be the most important factors for boosting sales. Read the article to get the best business tips for increasing sales this year.

With the beginning of the year 2022, every business has this big concern - how to increase sales for business? Sales happens to be the main driver of any business and holds the key to revenue growth, funds new ventures and meets expenditure. This year successful selling is unlikely to happen without embracing innovative marketing strategies.


Due to the catastrophic impact of the pandemic many businesses experienced a decline in sales figures in 2021. They are still coping with the issue. However the early adopters & innovators survived the ‘Tsunami’ by rapidly adopting breakthrough marketing technologies like moLotus in their marketing-mix. In 2022, new technologies like moLotus are to reimagine and revolutionize sales processes further by making campaigns automated, hyper-personalized and immersive for customers. Together with the transformation of brand-customers interface, new-age marketing technologies are likely to result in new customer acquisition, selling volumes and profitability.


To help you get more sales in 2022 from your marketing initiatives, here are the best business tips:

1. Innovating Brand Awareness Campaigns

Awareness from the start of the sales funnel and brand awareness campaigns contribute significantly to sales revenues. Therefore, businesses must design innovative awareness campaigns to capture the attention of busy, distracted customers. Experts are of the opinion that awareness campaigns created via mobile advertising platforms like moLotus help to showcase products in the best possible ways. 


Thus, in 2022 they are the best bet for businesses striving for more sales and profits. A study by Shopkick shows that over 51% of smartphone users have discovered a new brand or product via mobile videos. With the surge in smartphone user base, moLotus mobile video ads have created more brand awareness compared to any other existing channel.

2. Enhancing Lead Generation

Undoubtedly more leads mean more conversions and more selling. However businesses, in the past, have not carried out lead generation successfully due to the dearth of performance oriented tools for the purpose. This year they have the opportunity to embrace performance-oriented lead generation tools like moLotus for generating and converting leads into sales. 

moLotus mobile video lead generation campaigns are most effective in sales revenue generation. These spam-free campaigns are quick enough to prompt prospective customers to buy a product or service.  Thus, they will assist more businesses to attract customers. Businesses are capable of adding multiple customer response options to their lead generation campaigns, adding more contextual value. The ads build trust among the consumers and generate more leads and sales.

3. Acquiring More Customers at Less Cost

For any business to generate more sales in 2022, it is essential to have a solid customer acquisition strategy. A skyrocketing customer acquisition costs could be a deterrent to achieving sales targets. Businesses should therefore look for creative and cost-effective ways for customer acquisition. By doing so they can dramatically increase sales figures.


Identifying the right channel for customer acquisition is the key to success. moLotus is one such tool that offers innovative and cost-effective customer acquisition campaigns, driving sales volume for businesses. The platform provides unique customer acquisition campaigns enabling businesses to build a new customer base. Illustrative moLotus product videos and offers attract more potential customers. The videos motivate the customers to interact more with the brands. moLotus offers a real-time automated reporting system that organizes and delivers every customer response details to the brand advertisers in a meaningful way.

4. Giving Customers More Interaction Opportunities

Providing a superior customer experience through better interaction is swiftly becoming the priority for brands attempting to drive sales in 2022. Research reveals that new-age customers favor relationships with the brands they patronize. Businesses get valuable insights about customers via close interactions. This year they should intrigue and interact more with their customers to build confidence. Studies have shown that instilling customer confidence yields more sales. 

Advertising platforms like moLotus would be ideal for creating informative and interactive campaigns with multiple response options like SMS, Callback, Click URL, etc. Businesses using moLotus can avail a variety of rich media formats including video, dynamic greetings, brochures, slideshows and showcases. They can improve their customer communication by using voice-over, images and music, creating brochures, catalogs, attractive storyboards and HI mobile videos up to 40 sec. in their messages. These efforts lead to more sales.

5. Increasing Customer Loyalty & Retention

Research reveals that loyal customers more readily buy products and services than new customers. Therefore, for businesses loyal customers are overwhelmingly more profitable than other customers. In 2022, mobile-based loyalty ad campaigns are expected to contribute a lot in terms of sales revenue generation.

Businesses should explore “moLotus loyalty and reward campaigns” that deliver personalized messages for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, reminders and festivals. These campaigns are custom-branded showcasing names, greetings, giveaways, and interaction options for each customer. moLotus messages enhance loyalty aiming at sales maximization.

6. Higher Customer Reach & Scalability

This year advertising campaigns having wider reach and scalability are expected to bring-in better customer response and more sales. Therefore businesses should try to reach more customers quickly and at the same time via mobile marketing campaigns. Campaigns triggered by next-gen advertising platforms like moLotus would offer businesses more reach and global scalability adding greater selling avenues. The technology instantly delivers automated messages to massive customer databases directly into their inbox opening up more selling opportunities.

7. Thrust on Sales Process Automation

Automation and digital transformation meant to be tailor sales processes is a win for businesses in 2022. Sales process automation holds the potential to lower the cost of sales by reducing time spent on customer processes making them more agile. It offers more sales revenue by automating customer outreach in the sales funnel. This year businesses need to quickly embrace the right tool like moLotus to create end-to-end sales automation. 


With evolving marketing technology, the breakthrough moLotus mobile automation capabilities are transforming the entire customer-related process right from lead generation, outbound calls, and more, leading to more selling opportunities. Customers no longer have to attend calls from pushy sales representatives. They simply purchase products by reverting to automated mobile messages. Interestingly, early adopters of moLotus sales process automation are consistently reporting increases in higher customer satisfaction, efficiency improvements, and higher sales uplift potential.

8. Boost Upselling & Cross-selling

Latest trends indicate that cross-selling and upselling campaigns increase average order value, creating more sales revenue and profit at low incremental cost. Undoubtedly, it is easier and cheaper to sell to an existing customer base than to new prospects. However businesses often wonder as to how to increase sales with existing customers. Brands have already been spending valuable marketing dollars to get more upsells and cross-sells without adequate increase in sales volume. 


It's 2022 now and brands can take advantage of existing customer base by offering them additional products or add-ons via moLotus upselling and cross-selling campaigns. They have increased average order value and boosted purchase volume in these uncertain times. Innovators have already designed additional services or products for upselling and cross-selling. This is bound to increase sales and average profit per customer.



In 2022, technology and innovation happen to be the most important factors for boosting sales and profitability. Businesses seeking to enhance their sales function should start by sizing the total opportunity and identifying the most promising technology use cases. To improve sales revenue, the best way is to adopt a new-age mobile video customer interaction platform like moLotus. Happy selling!