How to Disconnect Apple Watch
How to Disconnect Apple Watch
Are you puzzled by the idea of how to disconnect apple watch from your iPhone? If yes, then you don’t need to worry anymore; this article is your final stop.

Are you puzzled by the idea of how to disconnect apple watch from your iPhone? If yes, then you don’t need to worry anymore; this article is your final stop. 

The apple watch is considered the best smartwatch due to its amazing features that make our lives easier, such as tracking your workout, shopping, and even answering calls and texts. Though it works amazingly, it also needs to be restored from time to time. So, whenever you decide to reset your Apple watch or connect it with a new device, you will be required to unpair it from your current iPhone. Unpairing the Apple watch from the iPhone might be tricky sometimes. Therefore, here we have explained for you how to disconnect apple watch from your iPhone. 

How Do You Unpair an Apple Watch from An iPhone?

People with less technical understanding may find it hard to unpair their Apple Watch from the iPhone. Here, we are stating three easy methods on how to disconnect Apple Watch from your iPhone. 

Method 1: Unpair Through the iPhone App

This is one of the easiest methods for the process of ‘how do you unpair an Apple Watch’ using the iPhone App. You need to follow the following steps:

§  Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

§  Select the All Watches option (on the top of the screen)

§  Click the Info button, to access more information (on the right side)

§  Now, go to the Unpair Apple Watch tab to unpair your apple watch.

§  Put your Apple ID and password in there.

§  Confirm the same.

§  Disable Activation Lock (a new iPhone won’t be able to pair if you don’t).

All the data in your Apple watch will be backed up in your iPhone and the factory settings will be restored. So, this is the first method of ‘how do you unpair an Apple Watch’ via iPhone App. 

Method 2: Unpair the Apple Watch Directly 

This technique of how do you unpair an Apple Watch immediately from the watch itself, instead of going through the steps stated in the above method. One drawback of this method is that it does not automatically backup data like the first one. If you don’t want a data backup, here’s what you need to do:

§  Open the Settings app on your watch.

§  Select General and then click on Reset.

§  Enter your password to continue.

§  Select the Erase All option (click Keep Plan if you have a cellular plan saved)

Once you’ve completed the above-mentioned steps, go to the iCloud website. 

§  Login to disable the Activation Lock.

§  Enter your Apple ID and password (if you don’t remember your password, contact Apple).

§  Select Settings from the drop-down menu.

§  Choose your Apple Watch.

§  Select My Devices from the drop-down menu.

§  Click the X next your watch name

§  Tap “Remove”

Method 3: Unpair Directly Through the Watch (Without Using Your Password)

If you don’t remember your Apple ID and/or password, the above two methods of ‘how to disconnect Apple Watch’ are not for you. This third method is your solution in this case. All you have to do to follow the steps mentioned below in order:

§  Firmly push the Side button on the smartwatch while it is plugged in.

§  Press and hold the power-off slider.

§  Erase All Content & Settings.