5 Best Hair Extensions To Get Wavy Hair Styles
5 Best Hair Extensions To Get Wavy Hair Styles
You must admit that when you see someone with wavy hair, you notice those waves. Wavy hairstyles have always been a style statement! Wavy hairstyles are bouncy, lively, and full of character! This is why it is always on-trend.

Unless you are one of the lucky few blessed by a hair goddess, you will require some extra help with your hair to add volume, and what’s best than extensions when it comes to adding dimension to your hair? Hair extensions can help you effortlessly achieve those beautiful waves and refine your natural hair.


There are numerous options for hair extensions for different lifestyles. 


Temporary extensions like clip-ins, halo, and ponytail extensions are simple to install and can help you achieve your desired Wavy hairstyles at home. While semi-permanent extensions, like tape-ins and micro-link extensions, provide length and volume for a longer period. 


Don't know which one to choose? Don’t worry! We have compiled the 5 best hair extensions to get wavy hairstyles!

1. Perfect Locks: Best Tape-Ins Extensions For Wavy Hair Styles


Perfect Locks are the best for Indian Wavy Hair Styles.


While Perfect Locks offer weaves, clip-ins, and tape-in extensions, they are typically considered the perfect hair companion for achieving absolutely gorgeous wavy hairstyles using tape-in extensions.


Perfect Locks has a whopping ten color options and a wide range of prices to choose from. From as low as $68, the prices soar up to as high as $1049, giving you ample options to purchase according to your budget. 


They offer pure natural hair that behaves and feels just like your natural hair. Tape-ins from Perfect locks have ultimate flexibility and retain texture well. With proper care, these semi-permanent extensions can last up to eight weeks.

2. Beyond Extensions: Luxurious Clip-in Extensions

Beyond Extensions offer the best quality extensions for Wavy Hair Styles.


When you search for luxurious clip-ins, chances are you come across Beyond Extensions.


With over 40 years of experience in the hair industry, Beyond Extensions has a patent design. Beyond Extensions makes their Remy clip-ins super comfortable to use and seamlessly blend into your natural hair. Beyond Extensions have super thin wefts, 1/2 the thickness of other extensions, that lay flat and blend into the contours of your head. 


The best part?

Beyond Extensions offer clip-in extensions in 3 different collections, in 3 different lengths, and 12 jaw-dropping multi-tones. As you can clearly see, this hair brand is all about offering only the best of the best.


Each of their Hair collections is different in terms of the types of hair used and the usage. However, they have one thing in common- endless styling versatility. 


In a nutshell, if you want to wear stylish wavy hairstyles one day and silky straight hairstyles the next, Remy clip-ins from Beyond Extensions are exactly what you need!

3. Glam Seamless: Best Keratin Bond Extensions for Wavy Hair Styles

Glam Seamless offers the best permanent extensions.  


Are you someone who prefers something more permanent in terms of hair extensions? Well, Glam Seamless is just right for you!


Glam Seamless's keratin bond extensions are a favorite among women who prefer longevity and discretion when it comes to their hair. 


Plus, keratin hair extensions allow you to mix and match colors for a truly customized color blend, making them the most inconspicuous, discrete, and comfortable extensions to wear!  With these semi-permanent hair extensions, you can enjoy wavy hairstyles for up to 12 weeks. 


Let’s talk about variety, shall we? Glam Seamless offers salon-quality extensions in over 100 colors, multiple lengths, textures, and patterns. So, there is always something new to try on for everybody.

4. Indique Hair: Drawstring Ponytail Extensions

Indique Hair extensions 

Do you want to try drawstring ponytail extensions and slay-wavy hairstyles? Indique Hair offers quality 100% Natural Remy hair at the best price! 


Indique Hair has a variety of wavy textures available, ranging from loose tousled waves to deep waves. Their wavy hair extensions are ideal for versatility, ease of styling, and maintenance.


Since Indique’s drawstring wavy ponytail extensions are easy to use, all you have to do is tie your natural hair in a bun before installing the ponytail extensions! Once you secure the drawstring ponytail, you can enjoy the voluminous wavy ponytail hairstyle like the fashionista that you are!


Indique Hair extensions have their cuticles intact and with strong wefts sewn into the hair; these extensions last over 12 months and still remain manageable, lustrous, and strong.

5. SL Raw Virgin Hair: Best Sew-in Extensions for Wavy Hair Styles.

SL Raw Virgin Hair has natural and long-lasting extensions.

SL Raw Virgin Hair provides sew-in hair extensions that offer fantastic styling options, including wavy hairstyles.


Committed to providing the most natural, realistic-looking human hair extensions, their hair extensions have never been processed or altered and have undergone a lifetime of careful grooming using traditional natural herbal oils. 


Overall, if you are looking for semi-permanent extensions to wear the latest wavy hairstyles, then SL Raw Virgin Hair is the place to shop.


So, that wraps up our top 5 best hair extensions to get wavy hairstyles

While each hair brand offers something different to its customers, there is no denying the versatility and benefits of commitment-free extensions like Remy clip-ins from Beyond Extensions.


Evidently, Beyond Extensions are the best in what they do! So get yourself some Beyond Extensions right away and achieve beachy, flowy wavy hairstyles! You can also use heat-styling tools on clip-ins from Beyond extensions without worrying about compromising the integrity of Remy's hair.


Want to know how to take care of your clip-ins extensions, and make them last longer so you can enjoy luxurious hair all day long? Read How to care for your extensions to get some tips before placing your order at Beyond Extensions!