Why Golang is at the forefront of AI app development
Why Golang is at the forefront of AI app development
With millions of users around the world, Golang is now at the mainstream for building machine learning (ML) and AI-powered apps. Launched in November 2009, Golang is now over a decade old, enabling programmers to be more productive with new machine code capabilities.

Why Golang is mainstream for building AI-powered apps

Golang offers the ability to reflect at runtime and delivers a greater understanding of mechanics and semantics. In this blog post, we will discuss why it’s a perfect choice to develop AI-powered apps using Golang.

Promising advancements in the AI domain

Although the year 2020 was profoundly challenging for citizens, companies and governments around the world, AI has quickened its progress. It played a crucial role with significant advances to combat Covid-19 as well as transform the future of our economies and society. Let’s take a look at some of the industry-specific advancements.

Healthcare – Several organizations are transformed when AI capabilities are applied to healthcare applications. The many new AI discoveries include patient data mining, accurate diagnosis, drug discovery, medication management, robotic surgery and more.

Retail and e-commerce – AI provides personalized experiences to shoppers by assisting them in finding relevant and helpful products of their choice and interest based on intelligent algorithms, ranging from building unique marketing patterns to attracting a huge number of retail consumers.

Manufacturing – Industrial robots are delivering a major revolution by enabling humans to give instructions and directions for better performance. Importantly, AI facilitates predictive maintenance of production machinery, detects production faults as well as helps to enhance product quality.

Banking and finance – To cut computation times and provide reliable suggestions, AI assistance offers meaningful suggestions. By examining critical data features, AI’s digital intelligence not only detects and prevents fraudulent transactions but also improves customer experience.

Why Golang is mainstream for building AI-powered apps

Numerous innovative apps can be built with the power of AI to serve enterprises and the possibilities are endless. However, it demands a perfect web framework that compliments AI. But, why Golang you may ask? It’s because Golang-based apps are extremely fast and scalable. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why Golang has become so popular among AI developers.

Firstly, because Golang is a statically typed and compiled language, it’s easy to spot problems at an early stage. Also, Golang can compile machine code in real-time, making the edit/refresh cycle relatively quick while still producing efficient machine code.

One of the best characteristics of Golang is that it is designed to write highly concurrent networked programs, making it simple for developers. Additionally, Golang has a lot of built-in infrastructure for testing; hence it’s easier to identify and test modules to improve engineering discipline.

Interestingly, the most notable advantages of Golang are its cross-platform capabilities that simplify the migration of programs and apps. Alongside, Golang comes with built-in opinionated formatting and the Go compiler even enforces unused variables.

Even more, Golang’s native concurrency and parallelism capabilities are unique. As an outcome, Golang is ideal for apps that demand more concurrency processing, networking, enormous computing and more. Especially, for cloud compatibility, Golang is a perfect choice. Moreover, Golang’s ecosystem is still evolving with machine learning, making it the ideal choice for developers.

There are several use cases of the Go programming language to help you get started. From building cloud-native apps, creating fast and elegant CLI (Command Line Interface), supporting DevOps and SRE (Site Reliability Engineering), for scalability database implementations and web development, Golang is well-suited.

Benefits of preferring Golang for AI engineers:

  • Simplified troubleshooting and quick debugging
  • A curated list of Go libraries
  • Speed and accuracy
  • Extensive coverage
  • Scalability

Summing up

By now, you must have realized that Golang is undoubtedly a high-performance programming language that can handle complexity quickly, making it ideal for building AI apps. If you are looking forward to building highly scalable AI-powered apps, Golang is the way to go! Check out our Golang web development services and make a transitional move.