Why choose the company DIANA SKORDAS |diana-skordas Best for Website
Why choose the company DIANA SKORDAS |diana-skordas Best for Website
Why choose the company DIANA SKORDAS |diana-skordas
The use of thermal energy from biomass material is an old practice. It started when we learned to use fire to our advantage.  
Wood is the oldest and most widely used fuel source and is still used worldwide to generate heat for various purposes. As we have learned over the years to use biomass to create a more efficient fuel, we have developed a range of biofuels. λεβητες συμπυκνωσης

This creation of biofuels using plant or animal materials converted into fibers or industrial chemicals has become the second largest source of energy today. Biofuels are classified into two main categories. λεβητες πετρελαίου
As an example of biofuel, bioethanol can be produced from first generation biofuels derived from sources such as cane and corn starch. λέβητες ξυλου
  Biomass boilers are a renewable energy source with low carbon content that burns organic plant material - mainly wood - to produce heat or electricity when it comes to combined units. ατομικες μοναδες
Biomass can be used for space heating and water for homes, businesses and can replace existing wood, gas or oil boilers.
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The company Diana-Skordas was born in 1979 in a shop of 100 sq.m. in Karyditsa, Kozani. Its founder is Nikolas Skordas. ξυλολεβητες A man with a "restless spirit" led the company to a continuous upward course.
In 1985 the activities of the company develop significantly, the continuous increase of the turnover, leads to the expansion of the company and the creation of a privately owned factory of 2,000 sq.m. in the third kilometer of Kozani Karyditsa.
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