Top Training and NDIS Workshops in Melbourne
Top Training and NDIS Workshops in Melbourne
Are you looking for top-quality NDIS workshops and training? Look no further than Lofa Consulting! We offer a range of engaging and informative workshops that will help you get the most out of the NDIS.

Top Training and NDIS Workshops in Melbourne

Are you an NDIS provider in Melbourne? Keep your business up-to-date and compliant with the latest workshops and training opportunities! Lofa Consulting, an expert facilitator of webinars and workshops in Melbourne, shares the top training courses that can be beneficial for NDIS providers.

What are Seminars and Workshops?

But before providing the topics for your next webinar and workshops, let us define these terms first:

Small Business Workshops and Seminars:

These workshops are designed to help small business owners understand the NDIS and how it can benefit their business. Topics covered include eligibility requirements, service delivery, provider registration, and more.

Webinar & Workshops:

These workshops are delivered via webinar, making them accessible to a wider audience. Topics covered include the NDIS and small business, provider registration, service delivery, and more.

Both of these workshop types offer valuable information for those wanting to learn more about the NDIS and how it can benefit their business

Here are some of the top NDIS workshops and training you can attend to.

'Understanding the NDIS Price Guide and NDIA Fee Schedule'

If you want to understand how the NDIS prices your support, this is the workshop for you! You’ll learn all about the NDIS Price Guide and NDIA Fee Schedule, and how to use them to price your services. This workshop is essential for any Melbourne-based NDIS provider.

'Supporting Children with Autism in the Classroom'

This two-day workshop is designed for teachers who have students with autism in their classrooms. You’ll learn practical strategies for supporting children with autism, so that they can thrive in the educational setting. This workshop is relevant for all primary and secondary school teachers in Melbourne.

'Developing Therapeutic Relationships with Clients'