Smart Tricks Of Uber-Like App For Handyman To Fulfill Needs In Service Industry
Smart Tricks Of Uber-Like App For Handyman To Fulfill Needs In Service Industry
The customer’s point of view, the needs are going high. To fulfil them in the right way, the Handyman App Like Uber includes the opt interfaces with enough features.

The on-demand service industry received good attention due to many customer-centric options in handyman applications. From the customer’s point of view, the needs are going high. To fulfil them in the right way, the Handyman App Like Uber includes the opt interfaces with enough features.


This blog presents the smart tricks of the handyman app that further makes you satisfy the customers. Prior to moving on, the reasons behind the selection of handyman apps and how the Trioangle provides the tricks for handyman apps that allow you to fulfil your customers’ needs at the right time. 

Why Are On-Demand Handyman Apps Getting Familiar?

Online services are the most essential platforms that help people to find service professionals in nearby locations and book them perfectly. According to research statistics, handyman services are getting global fame via applications. 


  • The overall market size of the handyman services grew 3.8% on average during 2016-2021.

  • The Technorati Research Report predicts that the overall market volume of online home services will be 869.95 bn and the corresponding growth rate is 52% in 2022.

  • The Verified Market Research report predicts that the overall revenue volume will be 1133.4 bn in 2026. 


So there is a definite chance for you to launch your own handyman services and grow in the market rapidly. With the arrival of handyman apps, the growth is beyond expectations. Why this huge fame for handyman applications?. The major reason is convenience. Some more reasons are there:


  • People access nearby handymen and book appointments easily.

  • A wide range of options to set the profile of handyman to capture the attention of customers

  • Build of solid online presence via social media access

  • A dedicated template that allows service professionals to show skills and earn appointments. 


With all-above reasons, the demand for handyman apps is huge. To fulfill such demand, Trioangle provides a handyman app like uber with all the features. Let's move on to know how the Trioangle’s Handyman app helps to meet the demands. 

How Trioangle Helps to Build a Smart Handyman App Like Uber?

Thanks to On-Demand App Development technology, Trioangle makes every section of the handyman service industry famous one. Also, We empower the small players or service providers to reach customers in a better way. 


Similarly, an uber-like app for handyman allows the customers to post their service requests and get immediate fulfilment. With the extraordinary feature-set, the uber-like handyman app surely makes the handyman services into the next level and grows bookings. The options that make the handyman app as smart are as follows:


Seamless Filtering Options

The search of nearby handyman includes several filtering options like the service type,  experience, and price value that allows the customers to find the opt handyman for services. 

Schedule Convenience

Based on the availability of both the handyman and the customers, the customers can set the schedule in advance. With this preset option, the collapses in managing the appointments are absent. 

Feasible Payment Gateway

Trioangle includes feasible payment gateways within the application that allow the customers to pay the service booking fee digitally. Further, the building of the handyman app with these payment gateways brings accuracy and transparency to transactions. 

Smart Locating of Service Professional

By integrating the GPS tracking option, the customers can easily track the location of service professionals and are aware of the estimated time of arrival. Service professionals also know the distance pool easily. From this pool, the small distance for the distance pool is predicted to complete the trip in less time. 

What are all Tricks of Handyman App to Fulfill the Service Needs Timely?


Unaware of many things may cause your service to be out of trend. To make your handyman service familiar as well as trendy, Trioangle follows many tricks in real-time and they are listed as follows:


  • Find the revenue streams of on-demand handyman services initially. 

  • Identify the right technology stack to design the app and features. Being a newcomer, you can be unaware of which technology suits your requirements. Rather than the DIY method, hiring the right app development firm is the viable option to build the tech-savvy model.

  • Finalize the feature-set that perfectly suits to make all functionalities easy and smart. 

  • Attract the customers with feature-rich UI/UX design of handyman apps. 

  • Host the handyman app platform to build a partnership with a wide range of handymen in the market. 

  • Bring wonders in the handyman service industry with new fruitful options 

  • Build a solid platform for both customers and handyman to exchange requests and fulfilment. 

  • Focus on including the revenue-generation options to build the profitable on-demand handyman app model. 


Are you looking for the options to build a smart Handyman App Like Uber?. Trioangle can be the best option for you. Get the perfect trick as in this blog by booking consultations with us at Or WhatsApp us 6379630152

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