Need of Launching Your Own Photo Sharing Application With Right Instagram Clone
Need of Launching Your Own Photo Sharing Application With Right Instagram Clone
People post photos by taking photos from smartphones and post on social media immediately through the Instagram Clone App.

Taking pictures has been a habit for most people, among which the youngsters show more interest in the photography culture. People loved to post their photos and videos on the photo-sharing platform and get likes and comments from other users on the same platform. 


In this modern-day, everyone loves to take photos wherever they go and upload them on social media. The mobile phone plays an important role in the growth of photo-sharing applications. People post photos by taking photos from smartphones in different places they want and post on social media immediately through the Instagram Clone App.


According to a study, the Photo Sharing application has one billion Users who post more than 80 million photos and videos on a daily basis. In this blog, we can come to know the need of launching your own photo-sharing application with the right Instagram clone.

Why Launch an Instagram Clone App?

If you are looking to build a photo-sharing app like Instagram, then it is essential to stand out from the competitors, your app should provide unique features which will find an exceptional position for your app in the market. Trioangle provides an outstanding application with unique design and advanced features and the features are mentioned below.


Features that Make Instagram Clone Stand Out

Post Photos/Videos: 

Through this option, the user can upload photos or videos directly from the gallery or using the camera of the smartphone. Multiple photos and videos can be uploaded at the same time. 

Direct Messaging: 

This option enables the user to send direct messages from friends, companions and also can share photos and videos through this application. It allows them to send and receive messages simultaneously.

Social Media Integration: 

Well, your user will post a photo in your app and expects or desires to share it on another platform. Moreover, it also highly favors the promotion. In addition, it will enable your users to share their pictures on your photo-sharing app and from there to other social media platforms with just a click.

Cross-Platform Support:  

Being a top photo-sharing app, Instagram itself will not run all its features on some operating systems and desktops. In order to tackle this thread, it is best to build a mobile app with a fully-functional web app. Building your app on all platforms will highly increase your user count.

Integrate Location: 

Our Instagram clone app will be integrated with GPS technology through which users can share the location where the photo or video was taken and enable the users to display and hide the place where the photo was taken.

Advanced Editing Options: 

This Channel allows your users to make edits like shading blend, turn, crop, blur, and much more. Before posting in your app, this feature will offer several editing options to make your user’s picture or video to be bright.

Display Activities: 

Our activity log will enable your users to check all the activities performed by your users on your application. It also offers detailed info about the user following their profile and the number of photos, comments, and likes posted and received by the user.

Frequent Authorization: 

In order to attract your users, seamless options should be provided to your users to signup/login to your app through several ways like mobile phones, social accounts, and email ID so that they can sign in as per their wish

Final Words:

The Instagram clone has a higher probability to earn from social media platforms with its unique design and advanced features as mentioned in the blog. It enriches your business and your brand. As people nowadays are getting more addicted to social media. 


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