NBA Pays Tribute To Kobe Bryant After his tragic Death
NBA Pays Tribute To Kobe Bryant After his tragic Death
NBA pays tribute to one of its most renowned player aka Kobe Bryant after his tragic death in a helicopter crash. The devastating accident occurred on 26th January 2020 in Southern California.

NBA Pays Tribute To Kobe Bryant After his tragic Death

NBA pays tribute to one of its most renowned player aka Kobe Bryant after his tragic death in a helicopter crash. The devastating accident occurred on 26th January 2020 in Southern California. The legendary Basket Ball player was only 41 years old and the tragic accident also takes the life of his daughter alongside six more passengers. The shocking news stuns everyone across the world and spreads despair in the sports world.

Alongside the whole world, the NBA also paid tribute to the legend in several ways. Additionally, several players of NBA after this shocking incident are greeting the Black Mamba aka Bryant with a title card. Several NBA teams while playing intentionally took 8-second backcourt and 24-second shot clock violations to show honor the Legend. Besides this memorial card, several players of the NBA have created cue cards from real-life especially the one in which Bryant and his daughter were sitting together.

Alongside this, a clip has also been posted through NBA2K’s community in which two teams players are imitating each other and performing similar acts in the Rec; five players on five multiplayer modes. The Reddit community is full of clips and videos clearly showing tribute and immense love of fans for Bryant. Instead of a great player, Bryant was also an influencer who motivates the whole world through his game and quotes. The most perfect quote of his to pay him tribute is “Heroes Come and Go but Legends are Forever.”

NBA players are willing to change their uniforms for the post coming games. However, several users on Reddit states that they need to change the numerals to 2 instead of 8 or 24. The reason behind is clearly due to Gianna aka Gigi Bryant who is a 13-year old daughter of Kobe Bryant who also died along with her father. The devastating incident also causes the life loss to two teammates of Bryant; Alyssa Altobelli and Payton Chester. There is a total number of 8 casualties in the tragic incident including the pilot.

The poplar star of NBA who was once on the cover page of it in 2K10. Bryant was also on the cover page of the Legend Edition of NBA’s 2K17. Since then, the franchise begins to published the edition of legend every year with all-time great players featuring on it. Apart from that, he has also done various guest appearances in several series of NBA.

Bryant has achieved so much in 41 years of his age including the title of NBA champion Five times. He has also acquired the crown of NBA All-Star for stunning 18 times. When he retired during the fall of 2015, he was the third all-time leading scorer in NBA later LeBron James surpassed him. In 2019, there was an announcement of adding him to the Hall of fame in February 2020. The news clearly states that he would be the first nominee for the honor.

One of the most promising honors that he has achieved was an academy award and surely most of you were unaware of this fact. In 2017, Kobe Bryant produced a short film whose story and name are merely inspired by the Basketball. The film is known as Dear basketball and it favors Kobe to achieve an academy award as a producer.

Maybe the heartbeat of Kobe Bryant has stopped but his legacy will keep breathing until the basketball gets perish. From the hearts of all-out team members, we are dedicating this article to our beloved Black Mamba alongside his daughter and all the passenger who lost their lives in the fatal helicopter crash.

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