How to Look Better on Zoom Video Calling
How to Look Better on Zoom Video Calling
There are various video calling apps available in this situation when work from home module has been accepted to perform various office, and business works via meeting with colleagues and clients.

How to Look Better on Zoom Video Calling

There are various video calling apps available in this situation when work from home module has been accepted to perform various office, and business works via meeting with colleagues and clients. If you are a Zoom subscriber and worried about your physical appearance on the app, then you need not worry as we have compiled this article for you.

Here we are going to guide you on how to look good while using video calling on Zoom applications as there are several professional or even personal interactions taking place on this platform.

Pursue these guidelines to know better how you can manage various stuff to make your appearance appealing and professional:

Using Better Lighting System

  • If you want to make your face appear good, then you need to manage good lighting because it’s not the fault of the camera in all the cases when we don’t find ourselves to appear better especially for video calling.  So, various professional broadcast studios use a good lighting system for capturing images and shooting a video as they spend a huge amount of money on expensive lenses. If the lightning is worse, then you can’t make anyone presentable, and the same is applied at home.
  • It is not recommended to spend too much money on lighting, but we advised you to take a suitable place for video calling where there are plenty of lights or better lighting sources.
  • While taking a video call, it is advised to not sit just under the light source or overhead light as they affect your video by reflecting a bulgur shadow that will cause weird video calling. It affects the balance of lights and the portion in which you are sitting.
  • If there is too bad backlighting, then you will definitely appear black or shadowy against a bright background. So, don’t compromise with light and take a suitable lighting area without shadow.
  • The place in front of the big window may be a suitable place for your video calling, and it could be the best place that you are searching for. The appearance of the object or a man should be good for better photography, and it’s one of the best hacks.  Setting up a chair just before the biggest and brightest light sourced window will give you better effects for your video calling and even photography.

Raising the Camera

  • Now, you have to set up your camera for smooth and clear image and video creation. It’s not a good idea to place your camera below your nose or chin as it will make your face appear longer and thus it’s not considered a professional choice. So, device manufacturers managed to set up a camera or webcam at or above your eye level. If you also want to capture a good image and video for your professional meetings, then it is recommended to prioritize all the minor things such as the camera and its position.
  • You have to keep your PC or Mac camera just above the level of your eye to capture the best moments, and best face orientations as other side’s expect you in person, and it should be your goal to keep it at a suitable height.
  • You may use a laptop stand or small tripod if you are using your smartphone for keeping the camera or webcam above your eye level.

Note: It is recommended to use a separate keyboard and mouse even if you are working on a laptop as these things may increase the productivity of your task.

Looking at the Camera

  • It is recommended to look at your camera or webcam directly to maintain direct eye contact to your client or another person whom you are contacting as it also helps to make good communication. In western culture, direct eye contact is also recommended to a fine meeting or video calling to get touched with what he is saying.
  • So, look at the camera to maintain eye contact, and if it needs to take a long time, then you should create an illusion that you are looking at the audience.

Checking the Internet Connection

  • The most prominent role in video calling is the internet connection, and one should check the receiving connection on a specific bandwidth of the internet.
  • Video chats need a fast and stable connection to perform better. Still, some of the popular apps such as Zoom, FaceTime and Skype adjust the quality of their videos that you send and receive to maintain the connection.
  • If you have a faster connection, then it is too good for your video calling. On these popular apps such as Zoom or Skype, you will remain connected with other people even on the bad internet speed.

Here we are providing some basic information about Zoom video calls. These are the minimum requirements for calling at Zoom:

  1. In case of group calls, 2.5 Mbps up or down speed is needed for receiving 1080p HD video. If you want to send 1080p HD video, then you will require at least 3.0 Mbps up and down the internet speed.
  2. If you are performing one on one calls, then 1.8 Mbps of data for up and down is needed to receive and send the HD video of 1080 p.
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How to Look Better on Zoom Video Calling