Google Launches Android 11 Developer Preview Earlier Than Expected
Google Launches Android 11 Developer Preview Earlier Than Expected
Google recently launched Android 11‘s sample for the developers; however, it is currently available only for the Google Pixel phones.

Google Launches Android 11 Developer Preview Earlier Than Expected

Android 11 aka Android R Developer Preview released by Google

Google recently launched Android 11‘s sample for the developers; however, it is currently available only for the Google Pixel phones. The event happened much earlier than what was speculated by the audience and the media. Mostly Google introduces its next Android version preview in March, but this year the preview for Android 11 is out in February. It seems like Google is excited to know about the reviews and people’s opinions about their newly launched software update.   

This year the focus of Google is on the developer part of the upcoming developer preview since it does not appear if there are any common UI or UX modifications. Since the newly released Android 11’s preview is wholly based on the developer version, so in order to use it, users would have to flash the full OS system image to your Pixel phones. Also note that only a few versions of Google Pixel will support this new operating system version, including Pixel 233A, and 4.

Till now, it is known as Android 11, but you will find that it is also known as Android R. This new updated OS has system-level updates to improve the technologies of the new generation smartphones. The new developer OS is equipped with improved 5G network metering and bandwidth, so users will have more control over their network and its metering.

Moreover, the OS will have better and improved UI and UX for the foldable screen smartphones, however currently, the version is only available for Pixel phones that are not foldable. Now the newer Android 11 will also be compatible with the STIR/SHAKEN call screen authentication. The users will also get improved low-latency video decoding for broadcasting services like Stadia, improved HEIF support, the latest edition of neural network API of Google.

The new latest Android edition will also introduce “a devoted communication section inside the notification panel.” It means that this would be very much similar to the iMessage, and the users will be able to look more than your recent messages on a chat while they can also reply straightly without opening the app. Even the notification replies will also show you the media, including the pictures.

In case that is not sufficient features for you, then it is also featuring the well-known chat bubble for the messages and conversation apps once again. So this feature will also be a great improvement in the new operating system manufactured by Google.

The newly launched Android OS is getting a new location permission feature as well, so you can get one-time location access for an app instead of granting its location permission when the app is working. This new technology advancement will save a lot of hassle of privacy concerned users, and the security has also been improved with this new one-time location access feature. Now, this also saves the time spent on checking which apps have access to your location since you can only allow it for once.

This all indicates that this new update in the OS of Android will bring much ease in our lives. However, the reason why Google launched it too desperately is maybe due to the fact that they are improving many security and privacy-related features and issues in the new version. Google wants to tell the public how much their team is concerned about their privacy and security, even while using a mobile phone.

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