Build An Ultimate On-Demand App Like Urbanclap For Instant Doorstep Services
Build An Ultimate On-Demand App Like Urbanclap For Instant Doorstep Services
Urbanclap Clone provides convenient doorstep service for the users like the already existing original app with attractive features and functionality.

In this digital age, a major conviction has been left by the on-demand services among the people. It is trending around every industry. According to the New York Times, the news update says that in the United States an on-demand service market is skyrocketing with a CAGR growth of about 49% by the year 2021. Because enhanced user comfort is offered by the on-demand apps. Which comforts the peoples need will raise and flourish for the upcoming years. The Urbanclap Clone also provides convenient doorstep service for the users like the already existing original app with attractive features and functionality. In UAE the UrbanClap app is the largest home service provider in the on-demand industry. Almost for all essential services, a professional service provider can be hired easily by the app users. 

Considerable Two Main Factors On Before Developing Urbanclap Clone App

Targeted Audience To Be Identified:

The audience who are ready to utilize your application to access the needed service conveniently must be identified in the beginning stage. You cannot assure that a business gets boosted by the service you provide in the geographical area particularly. After the launch of the application, it will help in the prediction accuracy of the business growth. The app usage visualization must be concentrated by yourself. Including advanced features should be focused on. Thereby the must need modification can be made. 

Competitor Analysis And Market Analysis:

Once the targeted audience analysis is completed, the next is to research the user’s expectations. The users become paramount when they get satisfied with the application usage. In the marketplace, the app will be sustained by itself. 


  • At the end of the year 2020, the market growth of the online on-demand service globally is 32.14%.

  • In the year between 2021 to 2024, the global market expected growth will touch nearly USD $1574.86 billion.

  • The current value of the online on-demand service market in the United States is Nearly USD $600 billion. 

  • The most popular Urbanclap home service app revenue increased 150% when compared to its previous year revenue. 

  • The monthly user of Urbanclap is 3 million, which is an Indian based successful startup that made a mark for itself in the on-demand industry. 

  • Under the belt of the UrbanClap online platform, more than 200,000 service providers are connected. For its quality service provided at the promised time, the app becomes popular among the users. 

Step By Step Guidance To Begin Developing An App Like Urbanclap

App Design:

A good app framework is needed for the app to get succeed in the on-demand service industry.  To attract the user’s attention the app must be designed in such a process. It is easy to access the needed multiple services by the application based on the user’s requirement. Major points to be focused on designing the UI/Ux of the app.


  • The application should be bugs and glitches free 

  • The app design preference for users will be simple. If the user experience is complicated on using the application it will tend to lose potential users.  

  • The user experience will be boosted when the design preference is simple. Most importantly seamless navigation assists the users to navigate within all the services in the app. 

Must Needed App Features:

Advanced Filter Option:-

Basically, users will look for the services with perfection and satisfaction for the professionals. Here some parameters benefit the users on choosing the service provider based on the Specializations, ratings gained on their previously completed job, prices, etc. 

Convenient Payment Options:-

The payment process can be preferred by the users based on their convenience, some prefer cash on delivery and some prefer online payment methods. The digital modes include Paypal, Stripe, E-wallet, Debit card payment and Netbanking. These methods will increase the user’s trust in your application.  

Live Tracking:-

On the confirmation of the service booking the user can track the live location of the service providers arrival and can track the service happening live easily with the GPS tracking system integration. 

App Development:

On stepping into the development process you must need to prefer the app platform where it has to be launched, like android or iOS. Well experienced on-demand app development company Trioangle Technologies with skilful experts should be approached to get a unique application for your business. Choosing a ready-made customization app will help you to modify as per your requirement and it is a quality product as same as the already existing successful app. The entrepreneurs can empower by launching the UrbanClap Clone App solution. After the testing and the quality check, the app will be getting launched in the guaranteed time.    


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