auto transport services
auto transport services
Everything is bigger about Texas, with major cities like Houston and Dallas. Texas has plenty of entertainment, food and more. Getting your car here is a must because driving is the preferred method of transport.

auto transport services

Texas is the second-largest state in the United States by area. Texas is home to significant Cities like Houston and Dallas. Everything about Texas is bigger, with plenty of entertainment, food, and it has one of the most beautiful beaches on the gulf coast. Shipping your car here is a must because driving is the preferred method of auto transport.

We here at Ship-A1, believe in the service we provide. This way, we are always happy to share our experience and expertise, so you can have a stress-free vehicle shipping experience. 

Do Extensive Research: It is always beneficial to contact multiple companies and compare their prices, services, and customer satisfaction. Contacting various company gives you competitive bids for the service you are looking for.

Asking About Non-operable Car: When shipping a non-operable car, you should ask your shipping company beforehand whether they can take care of a such a request. Do remember that shipping non-operable vehicle cost you extra money, you can read the full guide to non-operable vehicles here.

Can I Load Personal Belongings? According to law, auto shipping companies are not permitted to ship personal belongings in vehicles while shipping. Some companies allow it but charge extra for it. Anyway, you should ask your auto mover beforehand.

Is Car Shipping Insurance Included? The Depart of Transport (DOT) requires all auto carriers to have Cargo Insurance. This insurance would cover damages during loading and unloading. Because of the insurance, your car would be inspected by the carrier before loading it. Together you will sign a bill of lading which will be reviewed when the car is shipped.

Auto-shipping companies factor in fuel charges, tolls, and labour costs in the long-distance shipping. The type of location is the main deciding factor as compared to distance. It will be easier to find cost-effective auto transportation if you are moving to a city since more trailers are heading towards them.

Open carriers are standard for shipping method for the entire industry, making them widely available and cheap. They can be booked easily and provide fast delivery service.

Terminal to terminal is an inexpensive service as compared to door to door service, in this service you have to take your car to a terminal for pickup. In terminal to Terminal service, you have to drive your vehicle to the terminal and also pick your vehicle from the terminal.

Car hauling season dramatically affects the shipping cost. In summer, demand is higher than supply, so auto shipping companies take advantage of this fact and increase prices to compensate for the slower winter season. Winter season, on the other hand, is cheaper due to less demand for vehicle shipping. Therefore, careers are competing and provide many seasonal discounts. It is economical to wait in the summer season to save some money and ship your vehicle in winter.

Lastly, the type of vehicle being shipped is another factor that may influence your transport cost. The bigger car has more weight. It occupies extra space, resulting in an additional charge for the shipment because with heavy vehicles being hauled the total weight of the trailer would increase, resulting in the extra cost of fuel.

Choosing the wrong transportation method to ship your classic vehicle may damage it.

An enclosed carrier is a premium service which is filled with features to protect your vehicle from bad weather and road debris. These trailers also provide extra insurance, constant communication, and GPS tracker.

Door to door transport delivery provides you with the leisure that your vehicle would be picked and delivered to your prescribed location.

Auto-shipping companies are supervised by the United States Department of Transportation's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). They cannot operate their business without a certified Motor Carrier Number (MC Number). Legitimate companies like Ship-A1 provide their customers with FMCSA and MC Number through their websites. Illegal companies either hide their MC Number or give a fake or expired number.

Fraud companies either list a  fake phone number or do not have a phone number at all. Make sure to check the company's given address using Google maps. If the company address is real, then the given company is authentic.

After picking the right shipping service for your vehicle from an authorized auto transport company, now is the time to prepare your car for shipping. Before shipping, make sure that your battery is charged, and make sure your gas tank is 1/4 filled or else it would only add-up weight to your own vehicle. It is necessary to inform your auto shipping agent about any unusual things about your car.

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auto transport

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