An Inside Look At A Jewelry Product Photographer
An Inside Look At A Jewelry Product Photographer
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An Inside Look At A Jewelry Product Photographer

It's likely you already know that the quality of your images can make or break your online business. That couldn't be more true when it comes to selling jewelry online. 

The smallest details matter most when photographing jewelry, which is certainly a challenge. The environment needs to be extra-clean in order to prevent smudges and even dust from getting on the pieces that you are photographing. Jewelry photo studios show almost everything. 

You will gain a deeper understanding of jewelry photography by following our simple mini-guide. 

Can you tell me what equipment I will need?

Your budget will determine what you can afford. It is a good idea to invest in quality items if you have a good budget and are serious about product photography. Having said that, basic items don't have to cost a lot of money.

Don't forget to shop for these items:

  • Using a tripod

  • Photographer

  • Luminaires

  • Graph

  • Background: white

  • Boards made from foam

  • Fasteners for jewelry

Choose the right camera and tripod for you

For beginners, there is no need for the most expensive camera. Even a smartphone can be used as a camera. You should start investing in a DSLR camera with a good quality lens as soon as you start making money.


When you use a camera with only a tripod, you will still experience some camera shake. If you want to showcase your jewelry's finer details, you need pictures that are perfect.

There are two types of tripods: floor-based tripods and table-based tripods. You can find both solutions online at a reasonable price. Using a tripod will ensure that your work is consistently of high quality.

The support of a tripod makes working with a camera much easier.

Source of illumination

It's not a good idea to purchase lighting equipment right away. Natural light works best for jewelry photographers.

It is possible to work near a window. In the future, you can start checking out photography lighting kits once you have more money in the bank. Start by keeping your setup simple until you gain experience.

Using a desk or table for work

Despite the fact that you may think it's a good idea to move your laptop off your desk and set up a shoot, it's better to have your own dedicated space.

You may want to use a table that is level with your window. If you are using a tabletop tripod, ensure that you have enough room for it. The table must also accommodate any additional items, such as mannequin busts.

Where does the background fit in?

The best background for jewelry photography is white. As a result, the jewelry will stand out and reflect light properly. 

Paper sweeps are common among professional photographers. A paper sweep is simply a large roll of paper. You can tear off a dirty section and discard it when it becomes dirty. 

Another option is to buy poster boards online. 

What Is a Foam Board? 

Product photography is plagued by shadows. You can place a foam board to reflect the light if it is too dark to get a good photo. The fix is very simple and will immediately improve the appearance of your products. 

Pining my jewelry down is a good idea, right?

The jewelry must be held in place during the session by something. It is also possible to use tape or even glue dots if you don't want to use clamps. Holding paper in place is easy with clamps. Glue dots or tape will help keep objects in place.

It is a very personal choice what you use. It is best to use what you are comfortable with.

Setting up and Planning Your Session

When you've decided where to place your table, it's time to set up the shoot.

The importance of planning cannot be overstated. Make sure your table is positioned 90 degrees away from the window. Jewelry photography does not work well with direct light because it is harsh.

Set up the white paper and foam board once you have determined the best position. Place the mannequin bust on top of the table if you are using one. "Get a feel" for the jewelry by placing it on the mannequin.

Is your life going well? Consequently, you can go ahead and set up your tripod and extra lighting. Get some shots. The jewelry can always be restyled or extra props can be added if you are unhappy.


It is fun to photograph jewelry, but you must be patient. I think that applies to every type of product photography. You can always edit and discard the images that you don't want, thanks to modern technology. 

Photoshop is a great editing program for amateurs and professionals alike.

Above all, never forget to have fun and love what you do during your photography sessions. You can always hire a professional product photographer if you aren't sure whether working with photography is for you.