What are the Best Practises in Customer Onboarding? | Diksha Technologies
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What are the Best Practises in Customer Onboarding? | Diksha Technologies

In a space where a consumer is spoilt for choices, customer experience has become a key differentiator for businesses today, especially telcos. Onboarding customers are the moment that helps service providers make or break the loyalty of their subscribers. Along with this, it also helps decide whether the business will be able to retain the user or not.

Thus, it is imperative to make the process easy, swift and most importantly rewarding for the customer also – right from the beginning.

What are the best practices that the industry is following?

Stiff competition, competitive offers, and costs – telecommunication companies are always caught in the doldrums. The key to survival lies in digitizing processes and sticking to industry best practices in order to improve customer experience.

Keep it simple and easy for your customer: This is an important practice for service providers. You should make it easy and straightforward for your subscribers to understand and start using your services. Onboarding should begin with the basics, avoid any unnecessary questions, and should not make the subscriber feel disturbed or involved unnecessarily.

Too many calls can put them off: Unending paperwork, too many calls can drive your customer to your competition. In times of digital transformation, it is always suggested that practice digital onboarding of your customers. This will minimize human interaction and make the process swift and easy. It is extremely crucial to reduce the time from first interest to onboarding. Moving to a digital platform can add a vantage point.

A Proper Welcome: Making the customer feel appreciated is another vital part of onboarding. It should begin with a thanking note for the subscriber to value their choice, followed by the key points that they should know about. This must be accompanied by a guide to using various options available for support regarding any query or problem faced by the user. Automated chatbots enable self-service and reduce customer support costs.

Retaining Your Customers: Acquisition of a customer doesn’t end with onboarding. Retaining a customer is the toughest part. A robust and automated system to gratify your customers from time to time in the form of bespoke offers, rewards can give you that extra edge over your competition.

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