Aghori Baba Tradition in India
Aghori Baba Tradition in India
In this blog we are discussing the ancient Aghori Baba tradition of India. This is still a topic of research for all over the world.

In the present blog, we are talking about the Aghori baba tradition in India. Aghori is a word of Sanskrit language which is the oldest language of India. In the Sanskrit language, it means something which is difficult or terrible.  Aghori is the community or group which lives like a life of Nomad and mostly there residence is crematorium grounds. They live a life like as Shava (A dead body) o worship his god Shiva. They eat putrid flesh of corpses and drink alcohol, urine, human oil extract from the dead bodies.

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What is the life of Aghori Baba? 

Aghori’s are the group of vamacharis ascetics or Shaiva sadhus. They often live in crematoriums, they always smear crematorium ashes on their bodies. They also use bones of human dead bodies to garland and to decorate him and performing different rituals of worshiping. They especially use kapalas (skulls of the human body) to drink or eat anything inside it and also to perform the art of black magic. They live in dense forests and not commonly found everywhere in societies or temples.

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Who was the first Aghori?

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva was the first one who lived a life of  Aghori in this universe. The significance of his Aghor life was found in different epics where they described the life of Lord Shiva and their nature of life. He also used ashes of the crematorium to cover his body, he also lives in dense forest, and he is performing the art of deep meditation by which he also names ad AdiYogi.

When Lord Shiva united with Adishakti which is also known as Mata Parvati or Mata sati he had to sacrifice his nature of Aghori to marry Mata Parvati.

How to become Aghori Baba?

To become an Aghori is a very different task and it’s very hard for common people to live like an Aghori. This process takes several years of hard practices in the crematorium ground the first step is a social boycott in which you have to break all relations with your families, societies, or relatives. Every day you have to pass through the great difficulties. Aghori have to eat human flesh, urine, an extract of human beings, animals flesh, half burn dead bodies, etc. They also practice chanting of mantras and deep meditation between the corpses.

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What Aghori like most?

Aghoris are fond of marijuana to reach in the extraordinary life of Nirvana, The delusions of marijuana provide them religious heightened and take them to different spiritual experiences. They also offer the same to their disciples to increase the power of thoughts in their minds.

They also fond of performing black magic and do chanting of different black magic mantras all the time. They also fond of alcohol and eating the flesh of human bodies.

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To whom do Aghori Baba worship?

In this article Aghori Baba tradition in India, Aghori are the follower of deity Shiva and his female counterparts, the goddess Kali. They performed hard practices of mantras to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva to live their lives whereas they worship goddess Kali to be powerful in the art of performing Black Magic.

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What is the Philosophy of Aghori?

The Aghori Baba believes that Lord Shiva is the one who is responsible for all that is happening in the universe. Shiva is the only power that controls everything in the world. They told that everything in this world which Is living or dead is made by Lord Shiva and you cannot hate with anything whether it is good or bad, clean or dirty, man or animal, sky or earth, dead or alive, urine or milk, excrement of human or skulls of corpses. If you have any single feeling of hate in your mind you can never reach Lord Shiva. As similar Shiva does not have any hates in his mind or soul for anything of his world.

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Where Aghori live?

Aghori’s are always lived near the shore of river Ganges. But the main center of Aghori’s in India is in Varanasi.  There is a place called Kina Ram’s Ashram located in Ravindrapuri Varanasi. Baba Kina Ram’s is buried in a tomb or Samadhi which is a center of pilgrimage for Aghori’s.

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What are the Powers of Aghori’s?

The Aghori claims that they have medicines of every disease whether it is any hard-to-hard disease such as cancer, Aids, etc. They extract human oil from the dead bodies burning from the pyre and use it as a medicine.

The taboo sexual activities are performed by Aghori’s in the crematorium ground, They said only they have the power to perform sexual activities with the dead bodies.

They also have the power of eating dead corpses in Shanshan which normal people cant.

They are also experts in black magic and they have the power of healing anyone during his bad time or diseases with the power of mantras and rituals of black magic performed by them. They are close to nature as they live in the dense forest so they claim to survive in difficult conditions without food and water which normal people cant do. They live a sacred life without any intention of social reorganization.

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What is the difference between Aghori’s and Naga Sadhus?

Read the interesting blog- Aghori Tradition In India, In the present world of kalyug we are discussing the ancient aghori tradition in India. Aghoris are the living form of Lord Shiva whereas Naga Sadhus are the followers of Lord Shiva, Aghori always eats the flesh of humans and animals whereas Naga Sadhus eats vegetarian food as well. Naga sadhus lived in different Akhara’s under the instructions of Guru instead of that Aghori’s lived in crematoriums and Lord Shiva is the only guru of Aghori’s. The Naga Sadhus are naked Sadhus the ash smeared on their bodies is the only cloth for him but the Aghori’s use black clothes and animal skins to cover their bodies.

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Main facts of Aghori’s- Aghori Tradition In India

  1. Aghori will never get married as he spends his whole life in crematoriums so its not possible for them to live a married life while performing these kinds of activities.
  2. After the death of Aghori, they never did cremations of their bodies. They only throw their bodies into the river Ganges to wash all of the sins of his life.
  3. They never lived socially as according to their living styles normal peoples are scared of them as they performed the different rituals with dead bodies so they are socially boycotting.
  4. They can never be vegan as they always used humans and animals’ flesh to eat.
  5. They are the epitome of sacrifice as they sacrifice all his basic needs like clothes, food, sleep, and subject his life to extreme practices.