Tableau Licensing: Creator, Explorer & Viewer
Tableau Licensing: Creator, Explorer & Viewer
Today, Data Analytics and visualization have become an indispensable part of organizations. So, is buying a Tableau license worth it? The answer is a resounding yes! Here’s why.


If you are seeking some serious insights into tableau License cost, then you have landed on the right page! It's a known fact now that data has become a crucial asset for companies across sectors. People need to access data now and then to perform their jobs in a better way. However, the relationship of people with the data can vary.

Here comes the role-based licensing by Tableau that enables data deployment across an organization in a broader way so that users of all skill levels can access it. These roles not only enable data sharing with the relevant teams in a governed and trusted way but also allow people to interact differently with the data.

But according to several new users, tableau licensing could be quite confusing, especially when figuring out what exact purposes each license type fulfills for the users. So, this blog will be furnishing a detailed description of all Tableau license types to help you make smarter and more effective decisions for your company.


Tableau license cost leverages role-based term licenses and grants users a wide range of capabilities. The available licenses are of three types:




Hierarchy of License Types

These license types follow a hierarchy. Creators have access to all the functionalities of Tableau Dashboard, Tableau Prep Builder, and Tableau Server / Onliner for content creation. Then come the Explorers, who can access only a subset of the Creator capabilities using Tableau Server/Online for creating new content based on the existing published workbooks and data sources. Viewers come at the last level of the hierarchy and gain a limited set of capabilities that allow them to view and interact only in Tableau Server/Online.

Tableau Creator

     Creators are the users in an organization who connect to the data sources and use them for creating tableau dashboards and distributing reports.

     The Creator can administer and monitor the Tableau server. They have access to see where data comes from (lineage) in a given workbook. They can set data quality warnings as well.

Tableau Explorer

     The Explorer user role offers controlled authoring and data exploration capabilities to the users.

     Such users analyze the data but do not build or distribute the reports. They do not have access to raw data sources.

Tableau Viewer

     Tableau Viewers have access to view and interact with published dashboards and visualizations.

     These users can subscribe to the tableau dashboard for regular updates and get data-driven alerts.

     They can also be granted permission to interact with guided filters and drill paths and access the already published content.

Tableau License Cost

The pricing of the Tableau license is determined by the following aspects:

Type of Hosting

Tableau allows all users to choose options for pricing based on the type of hosting they wish to opt for. It leverages both a fully hosted option that is used for deploying reports on Tableau Online and a self-hosted cloud option for Tableau Server. Tableau Online is quite more expensive than the other one.

 User roles

The number of users required by a company plays a crucial role in determining the Tableau license price. Here is the latest pricing for the various user types offered by Tableau for a single user:

     For Tableau Online

Tableau Creator: $70/month

Tableau Explorer: $42/month

Tableau Viewer: $15/month


     For Tableau Server

Tableau Creator: $70/month

Tableau Explorer: $35/month

Tableau Viewer: $12/month

Benefits of Buying Tableau License For Business

Ease of Use

A tableau is a no-code tool with a full GUI. If the dataset is clean, one just needs to feed the dataset to Tableau. The user just has to select the specific data to visualize it. This makes Tableau valuable for everyone in the organization regardless of programming experience.

Real-Time Data Visualization

Businesses can’t spend the whole day manipulating big data to get insights from it. With a Tableau implementation, organizations can visualize data on the fly. You are in a meeting, and you need to see the sales data for June and July of the current and previous year, along with a year on year growth data. Without Tableau, your team has to use excel sheets to come up with the data, which would waste your precious time. But with Tableau, your team can visualize the same data within minutes. 

Tableau License Is Super Cost Effective For On-Premise Servers

There are times when we must comply with local laws and contractual obligations regarding data storage. In such cases, organizations might not be allowed to store data in the cloud. Thus they have to use on-premise servers to store data. Suppose an organization wants to visualize such data in such an instance. In that case, it needs to implement on-premise data visualization software. You don’t need to shell out anything extra for on-premise Tableau implementation. The cloud and on-prem versions of Tableau Creator are priced at $70. However, its nearest competitor charges $5000 for on-premise installation.

Tableau Supports Connection To an Impressive Number of Sources

Another benefit of a Tableau license is that Tableau can connect to a huge number of data sources of varying kinds. From SAP, SalesForce, and SQL Server to Azure Data Lake, Amazon Redshift, Google Cloud SQL, Google BigQuery and even NoSQL and JSON data sources - anything can be connected to Tableau.

Tableau Is Super Customizable

No other business intelligence tool is as customizable as Tableau. You can customize your Tableau dashboard exactly the way you want. Everything is customizable in Tableau- from shapes to colour, from images to background, from size to fonts. Experience the level of customizability that can be achieved with Tableau


With the above-mentioned Tableau License Cost, users can also avail of some add-on products with separate costs for extending the functionality of server and user roles. These include Tableau Server Management add-ons, Tableau Data Management, Resource Blocks, etc.

Feel free to reach out to Uneecops Business Solutions and find the ideal licensing option that suits your needs and generates a higher ROI for your company.