How to Backup Office 365 Emails to Gmail Account Directly?
How to Backup Office 365 Emails to Gmail Account Directly?
Are you looking for a reliable solution to back up Office 365 emails to your Gmail account by using the best approaches? Then read this article to know how to perform the process step by step.

Know the Best Methods to Backup Office 365 Emails to Gmail Account!

Want to use the best approach to back up Office 365 email to a Gmail account? Read this post through to the conclusion if you're looking for a dependable manual way to back up your Outlook 365 emails to your Gmail account.


In this article, we'll walk you through the best manual way to manually back up Office 365 emails to a Gmail account. Additionally, we'll go over a few of the typical restrictions that users run into when manually transferring Office 365 emails to a Gmail account.


Gmail may be used for both business and personal purposes, whereas Office 365 is specifically made for corporate users. So that they may operate effectively in both corporate and personal spaces, people prefer Gmail over Office 365 for that use.


Let's begin the manual process of transferring emails from Office 365 to a Gmail account right away.


Overview: Backup Office 365 Emails to Gmail


In this article, we'll go through two techniques for backing up Office 365 emails to a Gmail account utilizing every method that's accessible. In this blog, I'm outlining all the manual techniques that can be used to carry out the process as a technical person.


However, using the manual way will involve a lot of difficulty for a regular user. If you choose the manual way, there will be numerous constraints and limitations. Additionally, I strongly advise against using the manual way if you are not technically savvy because it could result in data loss.


There is no need to be concerned, however, as a backup solution is accessible for those who are inexperienced or non-technical persons who may use the second technique without any issues. Users can take a comprehensive backup of their emails to their Gmail account with the CorbettSoftware Office 365 Backup Tool while maintaining the highest level of data protection. Let's begin the process of moving Office 365 emails to a Gmail account without further ado.


How to Backup Office 365 Email to Gmail Manually 


It is possible to migrate data from free Gmail accounts to paid Gmail accounts using this option for users who are using free Gmail accounts. Bulk users cannot perform this procedure since it is a lengthy process. For this reason, if you are seeking a solution that will assist you in migrating O365 emails to your Google Mail account, please skip to the next solution. A second issue associated with this method is the fact that it is compatible with POP3 accounts.


Here are the steps for exporting email from Office 365 to Gmail by using the import option


1. To export Office 365 emails to your Gmail account, log in to your Gmail account.

2. To access the Settings option, click the gear icon button.

3. Select the Import mail and contacts option under Accounts and Import.

4. You will be prompted to enter your Office 365 account and click Continue.

5. Change your Port ID to 995 and enter your password.

6. Select Import mail from the menu and check the relevant boxes.

7. To begin the import process, click Start Import.

8. Check the import status of your Office 365 emails by opening your Gmail account and going to the "Accounts and Import" section.


Note: It is not possible to export emails from multiple Office 365 accounts simultaneously using the manual method. In order to see all your imported messages, it can take up to 2-3 days. Additionally, the manual method has some limitations described below. We recommend you choose the automated solution if you need to transfer your emails immediately.

Manual methods have the following drawbacks


In order to use the manual procedure effectively, you must take into account the following limitations:


1. A user might make a mistake during this process since it is very lengthy and time-consuming.

2. Gmail migration from Office 365 is complicated for non-technical users.

3. Manual solutions may compromise data consistency.


Note: The advanced tool is available for users who wish to migrate Office 365 emails to Gmail Business Account (Google Workspace). Migrating from Office 365 to G Suite is easy with the Office 365 to G Suite Migrator software. The utility also offers users the ability to migrate two accounts for free, and to check all the features it has to offer.


Best Professional Method to Backup Office 365 Email to Gmail


Many users fail to transfer their emails into Google Mail accounts despite the fact that there is a free and manual migration procedure. There are a number of reasons and limitations associated with the manual procedure that lead to this problem.


In order to speed up the migration process, we have devised a two-step solution. First, the mailbox must be exported to PST format, and then the PST file data must be uploaded to Microsoft Outlook (desktop application) after that.


This Email Backup Wizard is highly rated because it offers users a variety of file formats, including PST, EML, and MSG. Our goal is to upload data into our Gmail account, so we will use the PST file as an export option.


Further, it allows us to export only selective data from the source account as well by using advanced filters.


Here's how to export Office 365 emails to Google Mail using Outlook


Be sure that you have enabled IMAP settings in Gmail prior to configuring the Gmail account in Microsoft Outlook. The following steps can help you if you don't know how:


1. You can access your settings by clicking the Settings link at the top of your Gmail account.

2. Go to the "Forward and POP/IMAP" tab.

3. You can enable IMAP by clicking Enable IMAP if it isn't already enabled.

4. Activate the changes by clicking Save Changes.

5. The first step is to add a Gmail account to Outlook


Final Thoughts 


As a result of this article, we have been able to solve the problem of how to migrate email from Office 365 to Gmail. Users can easily opt for an automatic method to effortlessly back up Office 365 emails to a Gmail account within a few seconds. The pre-programmed solution is easy to use and provides a wide range of filters and options that permits users to perform selective backup as well as bulk.