Why are Electronic Signatures beneficial to the HR departments?
Signulu is an Electronic Signature Software solution flexible for single, or multiple signers, sequentially or in any order. https://www.signulu.com/

1. Saves Time and MoneyWith Signulu, the employee can sign any documents related to the comprehensive hiring processes, such as agreements, contracts, or other related documents, at any time and from anywhere.

And for the HR team, having all documents in digital format duly signed on time contributes to reducing the time in processing and archiving all the documentation for each hiring track—an added advantage of using e-signature to the HR departments is the cost reduction in hiring processes. It's not just a reduction of time, but also in the number of steps that the human resources team has to take to complete the hiring process. The traditional hiring process: sending the offer to the candidate, making revisions, re-sending the offer, getting his/her signature and waiting for that all to happen through the mail. Now comes the scanning and archiving of those documents. With Signulu, those processes can be consolidated into one platform and motion.

2. Visibility, Transparency and Legally BindingThe security policies of a company used to be buried under a pile of paperwork in office spaces. In today's trend and seeing where the world is heading post-COVID, the documents are stored online or in the cloud. With a smooth and up-to-date onboarding process, you can quickly turn around paperwork without delays, especially in such pandemic times. Signulu is also compliant with all major signature laws, including ESIGN, ITA-2000.

3. Technologically-SavvyAn


process makes a good impression on potential new employees, especially in a time when a large part of the workforce are millennials and heavy users of all things digital.

This Millennial generation was born and raised surrounded by technology, and they particularly appreciate the use of technology for facilitating complex procedures. To add to that, there is no limitation to the number of documents that can be signed and saved securely.

4. Tracking the Status of a DocumentWaiting for any material to be signed by hand could become tiresome – and ordinarily at several significant times. It's laborious to know whether the signers received your files or not, if they signed in all places indicated, or which of the contracts has been forgotten and now lay buried on someone's desk in a remote office. Take heart and breathe deep. This is an issue forever solved.

5. Environmental ResponsibilityIt's just one of those steps towards preserving our environment and saving your countless staff-hours. If not millions of trees we're helping save thousands, from being needlessly turned to paper each year. Hence, the effectiveness of the e-signature in processing an employment contract indicates an inherent decrease in paper consumption, that communicates an image of environmental responsibility from the employer.