Volleyball Betting – Key Tips to Succeed
Tips and tricks which will help you to make a good predication for GamePlay.

Volleyball Betting – Key Tips to Succeed 


Volleyball is among the top sports and sporting events, requiring exceptional skill and capabilities to play. Predicting the game results and betting on the outcomes is always a thrill. Hence, to win in the volleyball bet, understanding and knowledge about the game is a must.


Below mentioned are a few tips to help a new bettor learn the intricacies involved in volleyball betting: 


Familiarize Yourself with the Game:

In general, volleyball matches have two versions as described below:

  1. Beach Volleyball
  2. Indoor Volleyball 

It is essential to understand the difference between both to play a volleyball bet.





Winning Sets

21 points, margin of 2 points

25 points

Set Numbers

Maximum 3 sets

Maximum 5 sets

Ball Type

Light ball to float in the air

Leather bound heavy balls


The game has 2 players

The game has 6 players


The basic rules to be followed are as below:


  1. Points are won in this game by either ensuring the opponents make mistakes or by staging a thriving play
  2. The setup includes a net. The idea is to pass the ball over this net on each side without letting it bounce. 
  3. Only arms are used to play this game.


Understand the Types of Volleyball Bets:

It is helpful to study and understand the types of betting in volleyball before placing a wager: 


  1. Match Bet: There are no draw matches in a volleyball game. In a match bet, the wager is placed on either of the playing teams. 
  2. Points Bet: In this bet, the individuals are asked to bet on the number of points scored in a match. While gambling, please keep in mind the maximum sets possible in either the beach volleyball or indoor game.
  3. Score Bet: This is similar to a match bet but with guessing the specific score in a game. This betting is suitable for individuals who want to explore other avenues apart from outright bets.
  4. Set Handicap: In this, the wager is on the final results of any given set of the game
  5. Future Bet: As the name suggests, the bet is placed on the winning team of an upcoming game, event, or tournament


Study the Playing Teams:

It is helpful to research the game on the teams playing, their players, and the rosters being followed. Make a note of the influential players, the last matches they played, and their performance. 


Check the History:

By this, it means to research the recent matches played by the teams. The games played by both the teams against each other are given special attention. Analyze the patterns keeping the roster changes in mind. The addition of even one player to the game changes the dynamics of the outcome.


Calculating the Win-Loss of Teams: 


It is essential to note the current state of the team, too, apart from the history. Arrive at a win-loss ratio based on the last 5 to 10 games each team has played.


Game Type Matters: 

The pressure to win while playing an international game is different from playing a friendly match. Indoor or Beach volleyball also matters. Also, if the game is being played at the home ground of either team, they naturally have an advantage. Bet on important tournaments


New Teams: 

Think twice before placing the bets on a new team. This will be a huge gamble. However, you may get nice odds for placing a wager on a newer team. 


Set the Odds: 

All said and done, it is always an essential step that one needs to look at the game's odds before placing the volleyball bet. Higher the odds, lower the chance of that team winning. But, on the flip side, if individuals trust the research they have done, they can always stick to their gut and be the underdog.


Eye on Bankroll:

The key to betting is knowing when to stop. Always have a budget and do not get carried away, leading to overspending. Instead, learn to manage the wins and losses. 


What is Fair Play?

What is fair play? Only a few top online sports betting platforms facilitate fair play – it refers to betting platforms encouraging bettors to place a wager against other players instead of the house. In addition, when you place a bet against the house, these online sportsbooks uphold a transparent structure. 


Volleyball Betting Online: 

The following steps are to be followed to make a volleyball bet online: 


1. Research the online platform to be used for betting

2. Register on the platform

3. Pay the deposits 

4. Click on the volleyball match you are interested in 

5. Place the bet and the type. You can also use the bonuses if any.

6. Win the bet


To conclude, betting on a volleyball match is always a challenging task. However, the above points can help you in volleyball betting and enhance individual profits.