Repairing Golf Cart Brakes | Power House Golf
Repairing Golf Cart Brakes | Power House Golf
After years of good service, golf cart brakes require regular maintenance. Apart from adjusting and cleaning, Golf cart brakes need to be cared for. Brakes can be repaired at home provided you have the necessary tools.Park your golf cart on a flat surface. Place wooden blocks in the front and behind each of the wheels to prevent it from rolling down.
• Using a jack that is placed at the back of the cart, lift the rear of the golf cart such that the cart is in the air.
Remove both rear wheels from the golf cart using a 3/4-inch socket wrench.
• Use compressed air to clean the brake area. Make sure you use rage and brake cleaner to remove the soil or any dirt present on the brakes.
• Adjust the brake by turning the adjustment screw until the brake drum lightly touches the brake shoe. Brakes manufactured before mid-1990s require adjustment of the screw on the brake drum whereas those prior to 1990s require occasional adjustment by the owner.
• Check to ensure that the springs on the