How to combine work and hobbies

There is such a well-known phrase, “Choose a job that suits you, and you don’t have to work a single day in your life.” It seems very attractive to many people, especially creative and creative.

Therefore, they write so much about the fact that it is worth giving up your usual boring work and doing your favorite creative work. It would seem that it might be better to work from your favorite hobby. You do what you love, and even get paid for it, so I play online casinos suissecasinoenligne.com.

Now a huge number of trainings are being held on the topic of how to turn your hobby into work. They gather crowds eager to change hateful office slavery to a spectacular extravaganza. After all, it’s so wonderful to create and receive millions.

And everything seems very beautiful and attractive, if not for a few BUT!

Hope is sold to people, but they are not warned about what really awaits them along the way. If you tell the truth, then there will be much less willing. Because work is not just a hobby. This is a business. And business is a different approach to life. Completely different. Another level of responsibility, decision making, skills, etc.

I have been developing creativity for six years, teaching people to be more creative, to reveal their creative potential, and, it would seem, I should be an adherent of the “creativity-work” movement, but really not. I see how people suffer, for a number of reasons it’s not possible to organize their own business, they suffer from difficulties in sales and marketing, finding clients, suffer from public criticism and condemnation, lack of recognition, and all this then leads to the fact that instead of joy from their beloved cause they are haunted by depression. Because building a business is not the same as coming up with, drawing, photographing, stitching, etc.