Adjusting Golf Cart Brakes | Power House Golf
Adjusting Golf Cart Brakes | Power House Golf
Just like any type of vehicle, the most important function of the vehicle is the braking system. A properly functioning braking system is required to avoid accidents both to the driver and others. A brake adjustment is required when you notice that the brake pedal is almost touching the floor. Following are some steps to ensure proper brake adjustment:
Park the golf cart using the parking brake.
Place wooden blocks on either side of the wheels to prevent wheel movement
Position the jack in the rear portion to lift the golf cart such that both the rear wheels are off the ground.
Remove all the lug nuts from each of the rear wheels using a socket wrench.
Remove the rubber boots under the rear wheels to expose the brake adjustment screw.
Turn the adjustment screw such that its movement is towards the wheel. This action would case the brake pads to move closer to the brake drum. You can make sure that there is no friction. If there is no friction it indicates proper adjustment.