Website Redesign in 2022: Reasons, Process, Cost
Website Redesign in 2022: Reasons, Process, Cost
In 2022, a modest redesign of a website should cost around $25,000, and a sophisticated project with bespoke functionality should cost $100,000 or more.

A website redesign is a process that seeks to improve a website’s user experience by reassessing the present navigation, layouts, content, and technological stack.

The purpose of the redesign should be to increase conversions, enhance speed and technical performance, and ensure that the website is responsive across all devices, screen sizes, browsers, and operating systems.

Once a website is browsed, the consumer experience is extremely important. In today’s competitive digital environment, website construction and upkeep are essential. Several aspects such as the website redesign cost, and when and how often redesigns should be done have to be properly addressed.

Why should a website be redesigned?

Many factors lead to the redesigning of a website. They can be listed as follows.

  • The website is not optimized for SEO.
  • Poor call-to-action (CTA) implementation.
  • Poor experience or GUI of the website. (e.g., out of date)
  • Lagging or slow loading of a website gives a wrong impression to the visitors.
  • The need to have a modern and responsive website.
  • The business is rebranding.

What factors should be considered before planning a redesign?

These factors need to be paid attention to before hiring a custom web design company.

Business objectives and goals: This is the expectation of the business from its newly redesigned website.

Conversion data and analytics: The data that is possessed to learn more about our customers.

Drive user traffic: Strategies used to get users to visit the website.

Website navigation: Ways of how users are going to navigate around the website.

Marketing strategies: The steps of how users can be given value in order to turn them into leads and in turn increase the conversion rates.

Performance: Carry out necessary actions to make the site load faster and navigate through without any delays. Moreover, it should be ensured that the current web standards are met.

Monetization: Strategies used to make the website profitable.

What are the advantages gained by a website redesign?

The following are some of the most significant advantages of a website redesign.

  • It may stay on par or above the competition.
  • If a redesigned website is pleasant and pleasing to the sight, users or visitors may be enticed by it.
  • Achieving online branding that is more accurate.
  • Users may have more time to explore the site as it becomes more user-friendly.
  • The use of advanced web technology could increase the overall functionality of the website.
  • Boost leads, conversion rates, and revenue.
  • All the latest events and laws can be provided to businesses.

Steps involved in the website redesign process

The in-house developer or the custom web design company that is hired may not follow all the steps or they might have their methodologies. However, the following are more general in terms of the steps involved. The process more or less may lead to varying the website redesign cost.

Strategy and planning

Following are some plans that can be executed in this regard.

Understand the user’s/customers’ needs

It is important to know the information that is getting transferred between the website and the customers and how they deal with the products or services offered. This should help customers build trust with the business.

Content evaluation

Assessing the current content may support filling the content gaps within site. This can include images, videos, webinars, presentations, and so forth. It may help customers to address their needs and concerns well.

Conversion techniques

Steps should be taken to convert potential visitors to leads. Early planning is necessary to develop content to create successful conversions. Techniques can include call-to-action (CTA), blogs, webinars, request quotations, schedule consultations, and many more.

Focus on keywords

In most cases, the importance of using keywords is underestimated. Keywords help potential customers to search for products and services being offered by the business firm. Google primarily uses keywords to rank websites and the business needs to come up with a strategy to earn the ranking.

If keywords are highly competitive, a paid service should be approached for top ranking. After identifying desired keywords, an appropriate keyword tool should be used to browse for related data.


Just as design and development are important in a website redesign process, content takes an equivalent position. It accounts for one-third of the website redesign cost and time.

The content should be well planned before the design process. The designers can come up with a great design with the prepared content to give a seamless experience to the user. Potential visitors can better learn about the business and eventually convert them into leads and make sales.

A professional copywriter can be hired to better understand the expertise and use SEO strategies to make the website extraordinary.


This is another prominent phase of the process. A visually appealing site is appreciated by many and they would love to visit repeatedly. It should be remembered to collaborate with a professional web design company to work on the user interface (UI) and the user experience (UX).

Development stage

All the backend work including the coding and the content management system (CMS) is built in this stage. The hired developer should have the skills and the expertise of SEO best practices and other technical aspects to produce a clean code for a reliable website.

Testing and launch

The final step in the process is testing. Testing methods vary depending on the website type. If APIs are involved, the testing needs to be more robust. Once the whole testing is done by the custom web design company, users can start testing before the final launch.

How much does it cost to redesign a website?

In 2022, a modest redesign of a website should cost around $25,000, and a sophisticated project with a greater number of web pages and bespoke functionality should cost $100,000 or more.


As per the Laravel development company, redesigning a website is a vast job that requires a lot of business understanding, UX/UI layout, and advertising. The cost of redesigning a website is also determined by several factors.