Develop a top-notch grocery delivery app with a robust revenue model
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Develop a top-notch grocery delivery app with a robust revenue model

Grocery delivery services have made lives much easier in this pandemic. With groceries being delivered right in the comfort of home, grocery delivery apps are fetching a fortune. 

As of 2020, the grocery delivery service market is estimated to have a value of $13.98 trillion. Grocery apps like Bigbasket are contributing to a fair share in the market. Suppose you are looking to get your hands on the grocery delivery market. In that case, BigBasket app clones can be the right choice because of the app adaptability and the robust revenue model. The revenue model of a big basket clone are

Retailers commission 

This is the primary source of revenue where the admin gets commission from the retailer/grocery vendor by collaboration with them. In which case, they set up their grocery store for sales in the big basket app clone.

Sales per product 

For the sales of each product, the admin can avail of a commission. The commission per product sales is a good way of revenue generation. Marginal prices set up on products can also be a way out in this.

Brand establishment and advertising

Through brand establishment, you can get various leads on advertisements from third parties. Through advertisements by banner ads in the app, you can fetch a high revenue. 

The grocery delivery market is growing at a CAGR rate of 5%. It is expected that the market value will reach $ 17.30 billion in 2027. Approach a BigBasket clone app development company and develop your grocery delivery app to be a part of this profit yielding market.