Caries on the Tooth
White spots on the tooth or caries indicate the tooth structure's destruction, affecting both the enamel (outer layer of the tooth) and dentin's inner layer. Having regular appointments with an emergency dentist can prevent these white spots.

Are Caries Dangerous for Your Oral Health?

 The cause of tooth decay is that foods containing carbohydrates (sugar and starch) such as bread, legumes, milk, fruits, cakes, or sweets remain on the teeth. The bacteria that feed on these foods in our mouths convert them into acid.Combining bacteria, acid, leftover food, and saliva will form plaque on the teeth that stick to the teeth surface. The acid in the plaque destroys the enamel and damages the tooth, creating holes called caries or worms in the teeth. An emergency dentist in Toronto says that caries shouldn't go untreated.

With bleaching (teethwhitening), you can have white and shiny teeth. The emergency dentist can restore the teeth health and beautiful appearance with a comprehensive smile design modification. But, oral health and nutrition are very important in orthodontics. Do not worry since teeth whitening is safe and effective. Also,in those who have sensitive teeth or are at a young age (before puberty), the bleaching method cannot whiten their teeth. Another point is that the bleaching method cannot be used to whiten dental veneers or dental fillings.

The cause of tooth decay must be identified to prevent it from progressing. Tooth decay happens typically in the lack of proper oral hygiene. However, early detection of caries stops the caries process and reduces the possibility of tooth loss.

Root caries occurs on the root surface of the teeth. This problem occurs in older ages and for those prone to gum decay and other gum diseases. When the gums decay, the teeth' roots appear and are exposed to infections, these people are more vulnerable to tooth decay because their teeth do not have as healthy and protective enamel asthey should.

Caries in the groovesand depressions on the tooth surface

Tooth decay andcavities occur on the upper (chewing) surface of the teeth. This caries is morecommon in the back teeth and usually happen when people do not take care oftheir teeth' health and do not maintain good oral hygiene. This caries is verycommon because food particles and dental plaque can easily remain in thegrooves on the tooth surface and cause caries.

Caries on the smoothsurface of the tooth

Caries occurs on thesmooth and outer surface of the. In most cases, these caries form inside themouth. They typically appear when a person does not brush his teeth regularlyand adequately. If you see any sign of caries on your teeth, you should seekproper treatment as soon as possible.

Lack of proper oralcare and hygiene

Poor oral hygieneincludes not brushing your teeth, not flossing, not brushing your tongue, andnot using mouthwash. Brushing should take at least two minutes. You can takethe time or use a timer to make sure your brushing time is exactly two minutes.Poor oral hygiene will finally lead to tooth decay, which is inevitable andrequires emergency dental care.