"The Ultimate Escape Room operates with the ultimate aim to make life's special events like date nights, birthday parties, and even a family excursion to be an unforgettable memory. It has various escape rooms. The storyline allows players to step into the shoes of a variety of characters. Ensuring the players' safety, the company has introduced live video escape rooms to provide the same entertainment from the comfort of their homes. Now, reserve your tickets online for safe entertainment!

The Ultimate Escape Room

The Ultimate Escape Rooms islocated on a beach in Ventura Harbor. It was established in 2016. It is a liveescape room that offers adventures with unique themes and storylines. It is oneof the first few escape rooms to set up shop in that area. The rooms guaranteegreat fun and entertainment for all types of players. Players must workcollectively in a race against the clock. Each room has a series of hints andpuzzles to unlock. You have 60 minutes to escape.

Annette C and her family is thebusiness owner of this escape room. Right from childhood, Ann loved to learnand explore new things. After experiencing an escape room for the first timeshe fell in love with it. She wanted to share the fun and thrill with hercommunity and friends. With the help of her family, she set up the shop inVentura. She says that her family was very supportive in fulfilling her desire.


Situated in California, TheUltimate Escape Rooms has a lot of top-rated restaurants nearby. It is alsolocated close to famous gardens and parks. The elegant beach-facing buildingstands in a beautiful form. It has a spacious lobby furnished with acomfortable couch and a stylish welcome desk. The rooms are decorated with alot of unique and interesting props such as skulls, skeletons and artificialspiders. The walls are decorated with artistic paintings, artworks, and gameposters. The rooms are perfectly lit with colorful lights based on the theme.The company has a huge space for parking cars and a separate space for parkingbikes. The brand also allows walk-ins. If you are clever enough to understandthe enigma of the room, you can make a victorious exit and win!


This establishment is a uniqueplace to cherish the precious moments of your life. Visitors can hang out withtheir loved ones and celebrate any party or event like birthday, datenight, bachelorette parties, and other festive celebrations like Halloween andChristmas. It is the best place to organize corporate events and parties. Thecompany offers teambuilding activities to improve the synergy and communicationbetween the employees.


Many customers find this escaperoom to be very challenging with immersive storylines and unique puzzles.Players applaud the detailed decorations of

the rooms with captivatingprops and decors. Many players appreciate the interactive staff who are verysupportive throughout the adventure. One of the players says," Challengingbut fun. We escaped one room only to find ourselves in another one and didn’thave the time to escape from that one. I was afraid of being claustrophobic,but that never happened as you always have the ability to leave the room if youneed to. "

So, whether you want to enjoy anadventure after a tiring week with your family or a pleasant walk on the beach,this escape room, Ventura harbor, is your best chance!