Preston Hudman ENGAGEMENT POD Growth Hack for Instagram by Tube Homie
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TheUltimate Group Collaboration and Group Brand Deal

Herecomes a strategy created by preston Hudman ( who is the co-ownerof a social media marketing agency/record label called Tube Homie(


Itis common knowledge that Engagement pods or comment pods are an inauthentic wayof getting engagement that inflates the numbers wrongfully, and that this cantrick advertisers into paying to reach a fake audience. I have my own issueswith that hypothesis however this man Preston has discovered how groups can beused effectively by the brand, ESPECIALLY one that has a big budget forinfluencer marketing.Follow along as I explain how to do this...


31days in a month and 31 members of the group. Each member is assigned 1 day whenthey upload a dedicated post about the brand/product giving out the discountcode and mentions. The cost should be based on Social Blue Book estimates andso in Preston's case that would mean $1500 per photo and $3000 for video.Because doing regrams (that is when you upload someone elses post and creditthem in the caption) does not take any time, energy, or money (assuming theyhave a real audience) this allows for a growth hack to exist. If every day all31 influencers in the group do a post, that being the 1 unique one plus aregram from all the other group members, that equals a whopping 961 dedicatedposts all of which are unique to the audience that is seeing it, for the costof only 31 therefore if a brand is paying influencers for dedicated posts theycan get 961 for the price of 31 this way. Anyone who refuses to do the jobwithout doing the regrams free of charge is fake because they only want to bepaid because it costs them money to do the regrams since they have to pay tomake it look as popular as all the other posts. If they where real they wouldsimply just re upload the post and that's it. This will tell brands who's worthhiring and who should be fired.


Thebenefits of this hack don't stop there. This creates an endless loop of sharedfollower growth because every day you are sending your audience to the brandand to the creator that did that days post and you are yourself are beingpromoted by every other group member including the brand once a month so astime goes by follower growth will continue to rise until everyone has absorbedthe count of every other group member. The ultimate collaborative effort thatdoubles down for the brand who is getting mentions twice every day.


Finally,this provides daily content for all 31 people. Each person gets 30 posts madefor them, and they only have to contribute one day's effort. So again, thisallows the brand to get 961 dedicated posts for the cost of 31 unique dedicatedposts. I suggest that if any brand tries this strategy they should includePreston Human by simply adding him to the group. Preston also knows a lot ofverified users who are wanting to take part in this and if you also considerthat all the usual benefits to the engagement pod are also still available suchas getting the 31 likes, comments, saves, AND SHARES from each member of thegroup, this starts to become too good to be true.


TubeHomie "your best friend on social media" is a social media agencythat sells growth, engagement, and all types of social media services eversince January 28 2017 when the REAL "biggest glitch in history"occurred on YouTube and was discovered by Preston hudman.


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