Vous souhaitez domicilier votre entreprise sur Paris, mais vous ne connaissez pas toutes les étapes et les coûts. Découvrez dans cet article que la domiciliation à Paris est moins onéreuse qu’en Province.

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Domiciliation : why ?

• This is definitely an outstanding solution for any company, new or established, entrepreneur or sole trader in search of a prestigious Head Office address ;

• You are located inside the provinces or abroad and need a top quality Parisian address to improve your brand image ;

• You may want a registered office for your business for tax or legal purposes ;

• You wish to delegate a few of your workload ;

• You wish to decrease your overheads by saving on utilities and staffing fees ;

• You will need an office for meetings or client visits: one hour, half day or one day ;

• You are in meetings, travelling or abroad. You calls may be diverted to us and answered quickly, confidently with a individual representation of your company making certain that very important consumers will not be lost or inconvenienced ;

• You will need a brochure, promotional components or general clerical services. All of these we are able to present with the utmost professionalism.

• Whatever your status is - contractor, self employed, Restricted Company, LLP, Registered Charity etc. We can solve your challenges and boost your business.