Ways to be a Sustainable Pet Parent
Ways to be a Sustainable Pet Parent
There is no question that every pet owner desires to keep their pet healthy and happy for as long as they live. During the course of achieving this goal, we do everything we can; providing the best food, protecting against various parasites, buying them toys to play with, and so on. We may not see the effects immediately, but every single choice we make has an impact on the environment.

Therefore, it is a great challenge for an eco-friendly pet owner to maintain the right balance between their animal’s needs and the environment.

Here we have prepared a guide that can help you make more sustainable choices for your pet and contribute your bit to the well-being of the environment.


Try to avoid packaged food and look for places that sell unpackaged food and allow you to carry it in your own sustainable containers. If you do not get this option, look for diets with recyclable packaging. For pets on meat diets, avoid beef and buy chicken-based meat food. Check with different pet food stores that sell meat by-products prepared from bone-meal, organ-meat, or made with sustainable plant-based ingredients.

Don’t BUY, Always ADOPT

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